The Novice Survivalist.

This site is dedicated to finding out “The how to survive” in a Wilderness emergency/disaster scenario.

Simply put. I need to figure out the survival preparedness knowledge I lack so much. Join me as I journey through the basics of the survivalist.

I welcome comments and suggestions from other Novices, Master survivalists and any other source willing to part with their knowledge, in order to help me, The NOVICE become a better prepared survivalist.

The Novice Survivalist will evolve with time. Constantly updated with new found knowledge and ideas. Be it an EDC (For us Novices, that’s Survival lingo for Every Day Carry. Learnt that today, so I am already learning.), BOB ( Bug out Bag) or personal safety. New or better ways to make fire, build a shelter, scavenge for food and water, use a compass and of course getting home.

Check out my BLOG page. The blog will be a series of learning articles, Written by a survival novice. Designed to help me and other novices navigate through learning the basics of coping with an unforeseen emergency or disaster scenario.

Where possible I will attempt resource suggestions and even video my attempts. If anything it should be entertaining. And hopefully help me and you the reader become better prepared for the unforeseen.

Check out my resources page. Lots of useful links and videos to aid you in your survival journey.


The Novice Survivalist


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