References and video

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  1. SURVIVAL ON PURPOSE: Great reviews on toolS and very good camping advice.
  2. SURVIVAL LILLY: A very strong willed women, Great videos.
  3. WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS: Dave Canterbury’s U tube Channel, lots of info from the expert.
  4. THE PREPARED WANDERER: Lots of camping and tips.
  5. THE BEARDED BURTON: Camping and survival tips.
  6. BLACK SCOUT SURVIVAL: Extreme hard core survival tips .
  7. JOE ROBINET BUSHCRAFT: Solo camping and survival skills, excellent channel
  8. SAILING AND SUCH: For me the most fun channel I watch, so much energy. (Solo Kayak Camping)
  9. ADVENTURE OUTDOORS: Just as the name says, adventures outdoors. Another favorite for Fun and adventure
  10. SPORTSMANS GUIDE: Shop for gear at good pricing
  11. SURVIVAL BLOG: Great blog and website

Downloadable survival bag lists from Survivor town


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  • 2CG 2 MINUTE TIPS :-
  1. Figure 8 Knot
  2. The Hat
  3.  The Stick
  4.  Ferro Rod tip
  5. Toggle your ridgeline
  6. Tent peg Dilemma.
  7. Camp Knife always handy 
  8. Save your hands, use your gloves
  9. Share you love of the outdoors
  10. Possible’s pouch, you need one
  11. Check before leaving..
  12. Basic First aid kit. Always carry one
  1. Last additions to my Survival tools emergency/survival tools.
  2. Camping Emergency Pack (2016)
  3. My Planned day out bag ( 2016)
  4. My EDC carry bag (2016)
  5. Survival/camp Axe
  6. Combustion. Dirt time 2. Fire Starters
  7. Cover. Dirt time 3.Using a tarp
  8. Knots
    1. Hate dealing with undoing knots
    2. Figure 8 knot, joining 2 ropes
  9. Container. Dirt time 4 (coming soon)
  10. Cordage. Dirt time 5
  11. Candle Light. Dirt time 6
  12. My 5 survival/camp knives
  13. Home Emergency Kit (2017)
  14. Emergency Day Pack (2017)
  15.                DD Hammocks 3 x3 Tarp. 
  16.               French F1 2 man pup tent
  1. First solo Kayak camp. Don Pedro Lake
  2. Solo Kayak trip, 2 nights Don Pedro Lake
  3. Wet camp Lake Solano, Yolo County. Ca
  4. Lake Solano Camp. Yolo County Ca.
  5. What I Typically take Camping.
  6. When You don’t plan.
  7. Planning a Camping Trip.
  8. Fun with a sticker.
  9. Don Pedro Revisited. Waters up Part1
  10. Walk About- Putah Creek Yolo County 
  11.               Wet Overnighter Nerstrand State Park MN 
  12.               2 Nights SAKATAH STATE PARK
  13.               First Camp and Kayak, Rice Lake MN
  14.              Overnight hammock camp SAKATAH STATE PARK
  15.              Peacocks, Jumping Fish, a Hammock and my Kayak 
  1.            My Daily Walk About at River Bend Rice County Mn
  2.            Walk About and Scout Cannon River Wilderness Park Rice County Mn
  3.            A windy King Mill and scouting Sakatah Lake State Park rice County Mn
  4.            Walk about and Tea, River Bend Nature Center, Rice County Mn
  5.            Walk about and a start of a skunk Lake Cuyamaca, San Diego County CA
  6.            Spent the day exploring with my buddy TREVOR
  7.           Walk about, Scouting Pena Adobe Park. Solano County CA
  8.          Walk about and scout Winter camp
  9.          Walkabout and Scout Carleton college walking Trails. Rice County Mn.
  10.          Walkabout and Scout, Carleton College North Walking trails. Dakota County.  
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  3. How to set up a basic survival fire
  4. 25 Tarp popular tarp setups
  5. Knots
  6. Misc. Survival pins

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