Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

Hello to all. Well now that I have finally started to get me feet on the ground in the new play ground…..Minnesota. I went on my first Kayak camp. Playing safe I went to a small State park not to far from home. Rice Lake State park. Its more of a walking, hiking , car camping park. Although they do offer 5 kayak/canoe paddle in sites. The lake was very shallow and kept that way to help the wild fowl in the area. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed my overnight camp. It was fun, as any camp trip for me is. Anywhere in the out doors makes for fun.

However once again I had issues with the way my Kayak performed when loaded up. Granted a Hobie Outback is really designed as a fishing kayak it can hold a lot of gear. Its naturally  a slow wide stable kayak.


My Hobie Outback 2016

That’s why I bought it. Looking at pictures from the trip I noticed how overloaded I am. This was an over nighter. It was packed to the hilt. I seem to have gone back to over kill again. I need to slim down. No not me, what I carry on my kayak trips. This is also going to affect walk in camping which I plan to start doing, now I am in Minnesota. Minimal is the word. Well not absolute but as minimal as possible. This is my new mantra…”Minimalize as much as is possible while being as safe as possible.”




My Hobie loaded for an over nighter…too much


This means taking a look at survival/emergency gear I am carrying. As well as the other “normal camping stuff” I carry. I need to look at my walk in packs and my kayak packs dry bags etc. I currently carry when camping.

So new task coming up.

  1. minimalizing my kayak camp equipment
  2. Minimalize my walk in camp equipment

I will have to pull out each dry bag, pack, stuff bag etc. and go through them one at a time to remove any culprits that’s really don’t need to be there. Size and weight being what I am looking to get rid of. So off to pull out the “Gizmos and tools” I seem to have so much of, and start whittling down. Stay tuned.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill.

The Novice Survivalist


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Just did a overnight hammock camp

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, camping, bush crafting or what ever reason takes your fancy. You will appreciate how a simple, quick overnight camp can settle your spirits. I try, when ever I go in to the outdoors to do a “walkabout”. One of my favorite things to do in the outdoors. A simple 1hr walk around just appreciating the outdoors is often enough to settle my mind and soul.


Tent or hammock?


Hammock camping is a favorite way for me to spend the night outdoors. It requires little space for packing and is way better than sleeping on a thin pad on the ground in a tent. Granted a lot of times we don’t have the hammock option as there has to be a place to hang it. I try when ever going camping, whether Kayak, walk-in or car camp to do a quick scout of the place I am going. That way I know if  I can hammock or have to tent it.

Makes for better planning when camping. If you cannot scout it personally go online for reviews on websites etc. to get the info second hand. A word of warning….You may just get there and find things are not as hoped when using second hand info.

New Movie (5).Movie_Snapshot

Tent or Hammock?

A simple way to check is call the camp site and ask the Ranger. Typically if you can Hammock camp they require or prefer hammock straps rather than the 550 style cord most hammocks come with.


Anyway I digress….. I wanted to let everybody know I will be updating the video list in my resources page. Check them out. I always try to include a tip or two, when posting a video of camping so give the camping videos a look see.

Or just click here :

Over night hammock camp

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill…..

The Novice Survivalist

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Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

Source: Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

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A new look at My Camping Equipment and other Big Changes

Source: A new look at My Camping Equipment and other Big Changes

Latest Blog post. Its been awhile read and find out why. All very exciting for me.


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A new look at My Camping Equipment and other Big Changes

Welcome back campers.

Sorry been a little busy with life. Most of you will have noticed I have relocated to Minnesota. Big change for me, Although so far I have found Minnesota very welcoming. Lots of outdoor activities here.

I will certainly have to pick up my game in the outdoors. New things to learn and see.

Couple of new tasks I will have to set.20170409_185732

  • Get to know my new play ground
  • Learn rules and regulations for Mn
  • Change my camping patterns and methods
  • The BIG one for me is to plan on a true bush crafty camp in the national forests. something I have always wanted to do.
  • Make the necessary changes to my equipment nd mind set for camping and the outdoors in MN.


    Check out my first video from MN.

Obviously there is a big difference from California to Minnesota. I now need to make sure I am prepared for the Minnesota outdoors……They have seasons here. California not so much.

The big one WINTER, Camping and other outdoor activities.

So a new adventure begins. Join me in my learning Minnesota outdoors and safety and survival. Camping, fishing and Kayaking.20170506_134417

Don’t forget to stop by the Recourse page to see all the new Videos I have added. See the section welcome to Minnesota 2CG.

Enjoy and remember to subscribe to my You Tube Channel for up dates to Videos I add.

Knowledge is a survival skill. Never stop gaining yours.

The Novice survivalist

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Updates to Blog and Resource page on my website

Just added a new Video on tarp setups to the resource page. Also new blog up date on the 10 C’s check it out. NS

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Canvas Needle. The last of the 10 C;s

Although a play on words, A Canvass needle is more than likely to be replaced by a small modified sewing kit. What for you ask. Well lets look at some needs for a sewing kit.20170409_185732

  • Clothing repair
  • Cover repair. ( Tarp tent etc.)
  • Medical use
  • General item repair

Looking at this list I can see why it is the last Item on the 10 C’s Of survival list. It has limited use but would be handy to have. Simply being able to repair or modify your clothing would be the most obvious use. Having a number of different sized needles as well as suitable thread is a must. Using a standard sewing needle and thread to repair some heavier material than your average clothing is not going to work.

A good kit should have at least this

Some Utility Cord

Duct Tape.

Brass wire

Needle Holder

Assorted Needles

Heavy Duty Straight Pins

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Safety Pins

Heavy Duty Nylon Thread

Needle Threader

Metal Thimble

Durable Waterproof Patch’s

Hopefully a kit that contains these Items will get you through a basic repair. remember all your emergency items are really based on a 72 hour survival situation. The 10 items in the list will certainly get you through.

Next up a look at my Emergency kit I have developed over the past couple of months. Although not really a separate kit. It is part of my camping kit. Simply integrated to make for easy access and all in one kit.20170411_112444 Depending on your situation and survival scenario the emergency kit may be separate. Or there are multiple kits for a group situation. For me having my Back pack for camping integrated with my emergency kit items works for me.

Although we have basically covered the 10 C’s I will continue to add posts on my learning more. I am sure , In Fact I know Ill be changing the items, either to replace or improve the item.

Remember to regularly check your kit for wear and tear. Some items may need to be maintained regularly  (Cutters) or replaced . (Expired food items, etc.)

As always

Remember .

Knowledge is a survival skill. Keep up to date.

The Novice Survivalist


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