Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

Hello to all. Well now that I have finally started to get me feet on the ground in the new play ground…..Minnesota. I went on my first Kayak camp. Playing safe I went to a small State park not to far from home. Rice Lake State park. Its more of a walking, hiking , car camping park. Although they do offer 5 kayak/canoe paddle in sites. The lake was very shallow and kept that way to help the wild fowl in the area. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed my overnight camp. It was fun, as any camp trip for me is. Anywhere in the out doors makes for fun.

However once again I had issues with the way my Kayak performed when loaded up. Granted a Hobie Outback is really designed as a fishing kayak it can hold a lot of gear. Its naturally  a slow wide stable kayak.


My Hobie Outback 2016

That’s why I bought it. Looking at pictures from the trip I noticed how overloaded I am. This was an over nighter. It was packed to the hilt. I seem to have gone back to over kill again. I need to slim down. No not me, what I carry on my kayak trips. This is also going to affect walk in camping which I plan to start doing, now I am in Minnesota. Minimal is the word. Well not absolute but as minimal as possible. This is my new mantra…”Minimalize as much as is possible while being as safe as possible.”




My Hobie loaded for an over nighter…too much


This means taking a look at survival/emergency gear I am carrying. As well as the other “normal camping stuff” I carry. I need to look at my walk in packs and my kayak packs dry bags etc. I currently carry when camping.

So new task coming up.

  1. minimalizing my kayak camp equipment
  2. Minimalize my walk in camp equipment

I will have to pull out each dry bag, pack, stuff bag etc. and go through them one at a time to remove any culprits that’s really don’t need to be there. Size and weight being what I am looking to get rid of. So off to pull out the “Gizmos and tools” I seem to have so much of, and start whittling down. Stay tuned.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill.

The Novice Survivalist


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DD tarps 3×3 Hammock

Hello Campers. Just a heads up. Looking for a great tarp at the right price with great reviews…no problem. Check out the latest video on my youtube channel.

Great tarp. Lots of tie points and extra spacious, Giving lots of setup options. A great tarp. Its my new go to camp tarp. Plan on testing in the real world soon.

Keep safe

The Novice Survivalist.

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Here campers. Yes I know long time since I blogged. I have been busy with my other life and changes, however it is settling down. So expect more.

Just a quick update to the resource page with a couple new videos I have added to my Youtube channel.

Added some camp videos , walk about and scouting videos which have become popular. I am also starting a new video series on how I camp. Things I use and ways I find to make my camp trips more enjoyable. The first one is up…KNOTS arrgh. I hate knots so avoid using them where possible.

Check out the updates and videos and more coming soon


Knowledge is a survival tool, keep it up to date

The Novice Survivalist

The knots I hate …

Check it out

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The BUSH BOX another “load lightener”

As part of lightening my carry load I splurged and spent $20 on the BUSH BOX. A small folderble pocket stove. I can now pack without having to carry specialty fuel for my pocket rocket. It works wel and although I have yet to use it in a real world situation I did try it out while ” family camping”. Preatty aweet all things considered and will save me weight and bulk.

Here is my U Tube video. Check it out below. You may consider it useful in minimallizing your survival or even you general camp kit. Try it you may like it and the price is right.

The novice survivalist

Knowledge is a survival skill

Just saying





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Surviving on a budget or multitasking

Now that my finacial situation has changed drastically I find myself shopping smarter. Not nessesarily cheaper. When I am looking for a particular product, I no longer buy at the first opportunity. I tend to look at other options available that are not nessesarily the exact product but will do what I need it to do. Price obviously is the major concern. However choosing a product for a one only task has now expanded to ” can I use it for other scnerios”. Does it multi task.

Buying a knife for a particular need, can be chossen because it also can perform another task. Can it for example not just do the carving I need, but is it large enough and sturdy enough to take battening to make fire kindling or can it be ysed for eating,kitchen work and other general tasks I need in the wilderness. Spending a couple of dollars more can certainly save money in the long run or bigger picture.

When you decide you need a tool or some camping or survival product. Take time to sort in your mind if that particular product can multi task. Not only will it save money in the long term but for you minamilists or someone looking to lighten your load, it can make your wilderness time easier.

Budgeting can in some ways not only save you money, but weight, space and get your other skills (problem solving, such as putting more thought into how you chose to experience the outdoors.)honed. It will expand your knowledge on surviving under minimal conditions.

Not on a budget…no problem, Use the same ideas to prepare for emergencies. You will be surprised at what you will come up with. Especially if you only have some basic items to survive with.

Just a thought

The Novice Survivalist

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Just did a overnight hammock camp

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, camping, bush crafting or what ever reason takes your fancy. You will appreciate how a simple, quick overnight camp can settle your spirits. I try, when ever I go in to the outdoors to do a “walkabout”. One of my favorite things to do in the outdoors. A simple 1hr walk around just appreciating the outdoors is often enough to settle my mind and soul.


Tent or hammock?


Hammock camping is a favorite way for me to spend the night outdoors. It requires little space for packing and is way better than sleeping on a thin pad on the ground in a tent. Granted a lot of times we don’t have the hammock option as there has to be a place to hang it. I try when ever going camping, whether Kayak, walk-in or car camp to do a quick scout of the place I am going. That way I know if  I can hammock or have to tent it.

Makes for better planning when camping. If you cannot scout it personally go online for reviews on websites etc. to get the info second hand. A word of warning….You may just get there and find things are not as hoped when using second hand info.

New Movie (5).Movie_Snapshot

Tent or Hammock?

A simple way to check is call the camp site and ask the Ranger. Typically if you can Hammock camp they require or prefer hammock straps rather than the 550 style cord most hammocks come with.


Anyway I digress….. I wanted to let everybody know I will be updating the video list in my resources page. Check them out. I always try to include a tip or two, when posting a video of camping so give the camping videos a look see.

Or just click here :

Over night hammock camp

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill…..

The Novice Survivalist

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Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

Source: Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

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