The Novice Survivalist.


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2nd Chance George

I am an avid Car Camper, Solo Kayak Camper, Kayak Fly fisherman and General outdoor enthusiast. Often outdoors and alone, I am simply concerned about surviving a scenario that is out of my control. Whether a personal, local, National or Global disaster. I need to have the basic survival skills in order to survive. I need to develop these skills and set a plan in place get home as safely as possible.

I Was born in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) ALONG time ago. I suspect that’s the reason I have finally gone back to the wilderness. Spent my School years and early twenties’ growing up in there.20210615_124811.jpg I moved to the USA and have been here since. Unfortunately spend much of time working. I have 2 wonderful Children who have been the focus of my life. They are now beginning their own way. No longer need me to guide them along. Well not as much.

2016 brought some health reasons banging on my door. Since then I have gone back to the basics. Enjoying time off, camping, Kayaking and Fly fishing whenever I have the time or Inclination. Because I am on my own out there, I need to be aware and and safe as possible.Join me as I discover, explore and improve my pitiful knowledge of Survival. Finding ways and things to make my outdoor experiences better and of course safer. Hopefully sharing some of these joys with you along the way

I believe knowledge is power. The more you know, the better prepared you are.

This site is dedicated to providing me these skills and sharing my love of all things outdoors


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