Dirt Time 3 – Cover (Shelter)

COVER !. One of the harder of the 10″c’s to master for me. The choices are enormous. There are many, tents, canopies, tarps and natural cover.My concern is weight and ease of use. Obviously you need to be able to fit the shelter into your emergency pack. Weight and size being the big factors here.

Having looked at my favorite “go to” search engine. (youtube), In all seriousness, I was a google search fanatic. Yes I know they own youtube, but my point is, I have come to use youtube as my goto search. I am a visual, touchy, feely kinda searcher. I need to see whats what. A written description is not enough. Having all these visual how, what, where videos at my finger tips makes me Giddy. Ok I digress.

COVER #3 on the 10 ‘Cs of survival list.

It seems that all the Guru’s agree. A simple tarp in your emergency kit is more than enough.20170121_180740 obviously you will need cordage (another C in the list). There are many videos

A simple set up I use when I need some extra shade or cover for my Kitchen or equipment.

on you tube about different setups for a tarp. Believe me they are very inventive. From a drape over your shoulders to a open C method.

All you need is two trees and you are set. Ok even one tree, Ok even no trees, just a stick will do. That’s how versatile the tarp is. No wonder its the go to for the Guru’s.

Pinterest is another hidden treasure trove of ideas. Just ask them. Stop it. I am all over them as well. I have hundreds, nay thousands of pins. About 80 of which are about Traps and shelters. There are links in the reference page of my website to pins I have. Please use to your hearts content.

In my stash I have at my disposal, 3 Tarps (Walmart), a 2 man tent (Ozark Trail, Walmart) and a Yukon shelter (A special tarp).

Ozark Tent

I also have about 50 feet of 550 cordage.

Yukon Shelter (My hammock is under it)

Although the tent and Shelter come with  their own cordage and spikes. Spikes (for tying down the tarps etc.) can be made from thumb thick sized sticks sharpened and hammered into the ground.


Natures tent spike.
Natures tent spike



There are many items you may have in your emergency pack that will convert into a shelter. I have a Frog Togg  Poncho.

Frogg Toggs Poncho

Although it is used to keep me dry in the rain. it can be converted into a small basic shelter from the sun or wind.


See the how to video below, from my visual aids videos on my Novice Survival youtube channel. (For more videos please see my reference page).


The type of shelter and it’s subsequent configuration is determined by the situation you find yourself in. Climate, type of cover needed, rain (dry),cold (warmth), heat (shade). 

Should you be in a situation where you do not have something on your person to provide the shelter you need. You will have to adapt and overcome your immediate situation. Shelter from the elements is of first importance. It gives you shelter and time to assess your current needs and develop a plan to survive. The use of a tree or small Shrub can offer shade, some shelter from rain or snow. A large rock, outcrop ravine or ditch. Even for a short period can be enough for you to gather your wits and access a plan to survive. Any shelter from the elements is better than none.

Shelter, I believe should be the number one task you need, in order to survive. Whether a long term or just a reprieve from the elements, for you to access your situation and begin to plan your return to safety. It will help you to settle down your mind, over come any  panic or distress you may have. A sound mind is indeed of paramount importance in a desperate survival situation.

Be sure to have a least 2 methods to allow a shelter in your survival/emergency bag. In a good survival bag you should allow for the space of a shelter. It will most likely be the biggest item you will carry.Along with the other tools you will need to construct the shelter. (Cutting tool and cordage).

Check out my Dirt time 3 Cover on my You tube channel

Next up Containers.

The Novice survivalist


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