Dirt Time 4 – Container


“A container is a basic tool, consisting of any device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials. In commerce, it includes “any receptacle or enclosure for holding a product used in packaging and shipping.” Things kept inside of a container are protected by being inside of its structure.”
( From Wikipedia).
Well that “kinda” sums it up….
Containers, Number 4 on the 10 C’s of survival list. There are a wide choice for containers, from water bottles, cups, plastic bags and cooking pots to consider. I think of containers in my scenario as anything I can carry water, tinder, food or anything else to help me complete my task of getting to safety. Remember that water is not there only reason to have a container. They can be used to carry
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Shelter
  5. Tinder
  6. Wood
  7. Any Miscellaneous items you may find on the journey home, That will help you.
With that in mind, I thought I would share my views and what I carry with me. These items are based on research and personal preferences. Hopefully from this you can make choices or add ideas to your stash of Containers.

A picture is worth a thousand words , or so they say. Here is the containers I would have at my disposal from my current Emergency/survival bag. In the picture there are actually 6+ containers. In the Bag is a water purifier system with a spare bag.

My Emergency Satchel
  1. The actual emergency satchel
  2. the Nesting cup
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Red bag holding the water bottle and nesting cup
  5. Plastic shopping bag (actually have about 4 stuffed in to the bag)
  6. Zip-lock plastic bag
  7. Water purifier and extra water bag


THE SATCHEL. Has my basic emergency items in it from the 10 C’s list. Plus extra’s. I will not get into that list just yet.(for a later discussion). I have plans for a new bag that will be my go to bag for all occasions. As I said more on that later.

NESTING CUP. This cup is a stainless steel cup I got from REI. Its a GSI product that I matched up with the Water Bottle to make up the nesting kit.

Nesting cup and bottle out side of the red carry bag

The cup would not make a good storage item for water or anything really. The main use would be to drink the water from. The water would most certainly be boiled and filtered. It would also be the cooking pot. Basically a multi-use item from the 10 C’s list.


WATER BOTTLE. This is a Kleen Kanteen, I also purchased from REI. Stainless steel, 40 fl.oz bottle, with wide mouth and a looped plastic cap. It would be used to carry and boil water.

RED BAG. This is part of my put together nesting cup kit. It holds the water bottle and cup in one place and is attached to the out side of the Satchel. Its not a liquid container at all. I would use this bag to store any small tinder I find or make.

Plastic bags and red nesting cup carry bag.

I can stuff dry leaves, small sticks or anything else I find that will help.

PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG. Used for carrying items to big to store into the red bag. Bigger sticks for the fire. Clothing etc.

ZIP-LOCK BAG. This can be used to carry small items. Or even used to protect small items from getting wet. In a pinch it can be used to store water. Not perfect but it can.

WATER PURIFICATION KIT. This kit I found at REI as well.Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle (0.6L) .20170120_201657Its the small Plastic bottle and has a Purification filter in it, good for removing debris and contaminants. However not for virus removal. Hence, Boiling all water before filtering is the best use of this. A practice you should employ on any water you use in the outdoors. I also found an addition to this system which is a Hydra Pack 3L bottle. 20170120_201733The filtered cap fits this, however I would use it to carry the already filtered and boiled water.

There you have it. My containers I carry in my emergency kit. Hopefully it gives you the reader some ideas to add to your stash.

Having the ability to carry any water out is a huge plus. Never knowing, as you move on to your safe location, if there will be water ahead. being able to take it with you will certainly boost your morale. The container, a big C to have.

Next up, Cordage. Till then stay safe and be prepared.

The novice survivalist


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