Dirt Time 5 – Cordage


Cord (string), string or thin rope made of multiple strands twisted together.”

From Wikipedia.

It an Ok description for the survivalist. Multiple strands is the important part.

In the 10 C’s of survival list it is ranked at #5. For me it is really part of shelter.

Both Bungee cords and Para cord were used here.

Although it can be used in multiple situations. Uses such as tying together sticks or branches to form a shelter or Hold your tarp up to a stick or tree. (See my video in my references page under gathering the tools list. Cover).


It can hang things off the ground in a temporary camp.

Make a belt to hang items on your person.

Used to make a weapon. (Tie a spear tip to a stick).

Can be used to make a basket/carry bag.

Broken down (Strands) for fishing line

Tie a brace or splint in place

Make a snare/ or trap

Used to attach items to your emergency pack

Used as a restraint

The list is only held back by your imagination. a true multi-use item on the 10 C’s list.

Research shows the popular cordage to be either Para cord or Bank line. Personally I would go with Para cord.

Para Cord (550)

Although bank line comes in more compact package and length, I feel Para cord to be stronger ( 550) and hence more reliable. Just my preference. Keeping the Para cord tightly wound and have two separate rolls do not take up that much space. The plus is the multiple strands in para cord. You can actually remove the internal strands and still have useable cordage from the outside weave.

Bungee cords on my tent

I do consider Bungee cords to be cordage. I use them on my temp cover a lot.


I did some dirt time on cordage and added in a review and my thoughts on the 10 C’s of survival. Do we really need to have the most expensive items in order to survive? What about the use first of the obvious. Matches or a lighter for combustion. I personally would try those items first, before going with a fire striker.

Just saying

The Novice Survuvalist



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