Canvas Needle. The last of the 10 C;s

Although a play on words, A Canvass needle is more than likely to be replaced by a small modified sewing kit. What for you ask. Well lets look at some needs for a sewing kit.20170409_185732

  • Clothing repair
  • Cover repair. ( Tarp tent etc.)
  • Medical use
  • General item repair

Looking at this list I can see why it is the last Item on the 10 C’s Of survival list. It has limited use but would be handy to have. Simply being able to repair or modify your clothing would be the most obvious use. Having a number of different sized needles as well as suitable thread is a must. Using a standard sewing needle and thread to repair some heavier material than your average clothing is not going to work.

A good kit should have at least this

Some Utility Cord

Duct Tape.

Brass wire

Needle Holder

Assorted Needles

Heavy Duty Straight Pins

Assorted Buttons

Assorted Safety Pins

Heavy Duty Nylon Thread

Needle Threader

Metal Thimble

Durable Waterproof Patch’s

Hopefully a kit that contains these Items will get you through a basic repair. remember all your emergency items are really based on a 72 hour survival situation. The 10 items in the list will certainly get you through.

Next up a look at my Emergency kit I have developed over the past couple of months. Although not really a separate kit. It is part of my camping kit. Simply integrated to make for easy access and all in one kit.20170411_112444 Depending on your situation and survival scenario the emergency kit may be separate. Or there are multiple kits for a group situation. For me having my Back pack for camping integrated with my emergency kit items works for me.

Although we have basically covered the 10 C’s I will continue to add posts on my learning more. I am sure , In Fact I know Ill be changing the items, either to replace or improve the item.

Remember to regularly check your kit for wear and tear. Some items may need to be maintained regularly  (Cutters) or replaced . (Expired food items, etc.)

As always

Remember .

Knowledge is a survival skill. Keep up to date.

The Novice Survivalist



About novicesurvivalist

I am simply another person who wants to be prepared. I have realized over time that I am simply not self prepared for most survival situations. I love the outdoors and try when possible to go Kayaking and Camping. The more I researched about my favorite interests (Camping and Kayaking) the more I realized how uneducated I am about some very basic survival skills. Basically I am a NOVICE. This website and related blogs/Vlogs are intended for me to better my survival skills in not just the outdoors but Urban every day life. Hopefully people who decide to follow me on my schooling, Will learn and add to their and pass on to me and others basic survival skills as well.
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