A new look at My Camping Equipment and other Big Changes

Welcome back campers.

Sorry been a little busy with life. Most of you will have noticed I have relocated to Minnesota. Big change for me, Although so far I have found Minnesota very welcoming. Lots of outdoor activities here.

I will certainly have to pick up my game in the outdoors. New things to learn and see.

Couple of new tasks I will have to set.20170409_185732

  • Get to know my new play ground
  • Learn rules and regulations for Mn
  • Change my camping patterns and methods
  • The BIG one for me is to plan on a true bush crafty camp in the national forests. something I have always wanted to do.
  • Make the necessary changes to my equipment nd mind set for camping and the outdoors in MN.

    Check out my first video from MN.

Obviously there is a big difference from California to Minnesota. I now need to make sure I am prepared for the Minnesota outdoors……They have seasons here. California not so much.

The big one WINTER, Camping and other outdoor activities.

So a new adventure begins. Join me in my learning Minnesota outdoors and safety and survival. Camping, fishing and Kayaking.20170506_134417

Don’t forget to stop by the Recourse page to see all the new Videos I have added. See the section welcome to Minnesota 2CG.

Enjoy and remember to subscribe to my You Tube Channel for up dates to Videos I add.

Knowledge is a survival skill. Never stop gaining yours.

The Novice survivalist

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