Another 2 minute tip for the Novice survivalist

Campers I have just uploaded a short video (Yes it’s 2 minutes ) on how to get started with making fire using a ferrocerium rod. It’s a simple change in the way you position yourself and the rod and striker. Then by only moving the ROD you are able to better control the shower of sparks onto the tinder you are using. 20170409_185732

When I first attempted to use the ferro rod it was a disaster for me . I constantly landed up knocking the tinder pile over and away from the sparks. This trick I discovered on youtube while doing some research on making fire. What a simple tip with great results.

Click on the short video link to check it out. ( or go to my reference page and see the other 2 minute tips as well…just saying).20170107_130812

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill

The novice Survivalist

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