Just 2 words, Winter walkabout


Hello fellow campers, hikers, backpackers. survivalists and outdoors enthusiasts etc.. etc. You know who you are!

Winter is still going strong here in Minnesota. Yesterday my much needed sleep was interrupted by maintenance being performed on the complex. Unfortunately (Or fortunately) I work nights, While most are at work, I sleep. So what to do, I could not get back to sleep, so decided its a good time to walkabout. Checked the time and weather ( Something all Minnesota residents do before going out the door.) The horror.homescreenPreview

It was a blistering 2 Deg. F. But hardly any wind and the sun was shinning. Oh well I was committed, So off I went. I decided I would go to my favorite haunt. The Cannon River Wilderness Park in Dundas MN. About a 20 minute drive down the road. In winter it is little used, except by those who brave the cold while snow shoeing etc. Grabbed my always ready to go walkabout day pack and headed out the door. Once again Nature provides.

With all the snow on the ground. (about 12inches accumulated) I found a silent snow covered wonder. The birds ( mainly crows and wood peckers) were out in force. Giving a wonderful relaxing background of natures music. There were hundreds of bunny and deer tracks around, but unfortunately with all my searching with my Polaris monocular I didn’t see any. The monocular is fast becoming a must have in the pack for me. The opportunities I have been missing because the sights are just to far away, are now won with this monocular.

Phone and Monocular adapter

Small compact and light weight it provides me with great magnification and I even went so far as to buy an attachment for it to adapt to my Samsung galaxy note 5. (See my video of the adapter and Phone)


Back to nature, It was so quiet I found myself tip toeing around so as not to disturb the quiet. The Cannon river was still covered with ice although it was melted in [places allowing the gurgling river to come though adding to natures song. Along with the odd popping sound of ice cracking.


As usual I recorded my the walkabout for prosperity and uploaded the video to my You tube channel. The title of the video was “JUST 2 WORDS, a winter walkabout.” I thought it appropriate. Simply because I don’t have the flair for words need to describe the place I was and how It made me feel.

I had stopped to have a quick ‘cuppa”coffee using my canteen set with my Bush box stove. 20171213_134007I was just there enjoying the quiet time in the wilderness. I could not think of how to describe this walkabout. So was born a video with the title. The only 2 words spoken in the video are…JUST SAYING !.

Be safe out there.

Remember “Knowledge is a survival skill.”

The Novice Survivalist




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