A buck, a belt and my camp companion.

You may have noticed with the last couple of my blogs, that winter certainly can put a damper on outdoor activities. Personally I enjoy time out in the snow, even some cold snow time beats having to sit at home. A quick walk in the quiet of a snow covered wilderness is always welcome, But some times its just to uncomfortable out there or even unsafe.

Today for example I was coming back home after a few chores completed in town and noticed a small building in ruin.20180221_100531 At first I thought it was just a old building no longer used but just waiting to be torn down. But on closer inspection I found a little treasure. It actually is a Historic site, sitting there in Dundas along the Mill Town State Trail. Another little Gem I knew nothing about. The trail has been added to my walkabout to-do list and a I spent a quick couple of very cold minutes checking out the Historic ruin. It was originally one of the many Textile mills along the Cannon river in the Dundas, Northfield area. Once a booming industry in Minnesota. 20180221_100457Pretty cool and deserves a closer look. Unfortunately as I said it was bitterly cold and before long it became a little uncomfortable. So I had to head back to the truck.

However before leaving I looked in my EDCC (Everyday car carry) pack in the truck and, as usual I had my walkabout back pack with me as well, which comes along when ever I am at leisure and walking out the door heading who knows where. I have a extra “Hoodie” light jacket packed in it just in case. I need it. This day I did. It allowed me some extra time out, that I had not planned on.

I had been working on some house keeping chores during these cold winter “no go” days. Not house work, but the usual task I do monthly of going through my camping, outdoor safety/survivalĀ  goodies, Tents, hammock and other general camp stuff. This to put some thoughts in mind for some blogs and videos I needed to do. So I set about doing just that. (See Survive on a dime, can you?). I also decided to do some reviews of my cutting tools I carry and use on a regular basis. These videos of my cutters were uploaded to my YouTube channel and added to my reference page here on my personal survival blog website. (The Novice Survivalist).

The point of this blog post is to chat about the 3 cutters I carry the most. Basically my favorites. I have other Cutting tools which I have gathered over the years, but they have been relegated to a lower rung on the need ladder or to a different need. Normally if a cutter, they have been replaced with a bigger, shinier, sharper cutting tool, better suited for the job I need them for.

Like I said I have videos up or going up on my You tube channel. They are reviews of each one on its own. What I want to discuss now, is what I use them as. I suppose the correct wording would be what is their particular job descriptions. For me there are 3 main job descriptions for a cutter.

Remember the 10 C’s list for survival. Well Cutting tools is first on that list. Its the most important tool for survival you can have. I spend a lot of time perusing the internet looking at cutters. And I always keep in mind my job descriptions I have for my Knives. Namely ..

  1. EDC or what I call my Pocket knife
  2. Belt knife, normally found on my belt on walkabouts .
  3. Camp Knife, used for all the typical chores needed around a campsite.

Here they are, in some more detail and why I chose them.

  1. EDC or “My Pocket knife”

My EDC or pocket knife is the Buck, folding knife.

The mini spitfire. 20180221_112410.jpgSmall compact and holds a great sharp edge. I purchased it about 3 years ago and has been in my pants pocket ever since. I have used it for many things and even abused it and it has held up remarkable well. 20180221_112443.jpgThis knife is my constant companion. If I have a pocket, its in it. I don’t leave home without it.

Here are the specifications from the Buck Knives website.

  1. BLADE SHAPE: Drop Point
  3. “BLADE LENGTH: 3 1/4” (8.3cm)
  4. WEIGHT: 3.2 oz (90.7 g)
  5. HANDLE: Anodized Aluminum
  6. CARRY SYSTEM: Pocket Clip
  7. ORIGIN: Made in the USA

Interested in getting one?. Click the link below and support my blog.

Buck Knives Mini Spitfire Folder Knife

2. Belt Knife. Full tang

My belt knife or walkabout companion is the Browning 0225 Hunting Knife. 20180218_214016Light , comfortable and fits my hand perfectly. I originally bought this a camp knife. Unfortunately it lacks weight for the chores I use a camp knife for. The blade was just a little to short as well. So it became my “belt knife’. BKN16_3220225It can be found on my belt when I go for a walkabout, scout or just exploring locally. I bring it on camping trips and most other places when outdoors. to tell the truth my favorite knife. Unfortunate it cannot do some of the tasks I need for a camp knife.

Here are the specifications from the Browning website.

Description Fixed blade knife with magnetically attached carbide sharpener, 7Cr stainless steel hollow ground drop point blade with a brushed finish, anti-skid grooves on blade spine.

  1. Type: Fixed Blade
  2. Blade Type: Drop Point
  3. Sheath Description: Ballistic Cloth Nylon
  4. Main Blade Length: 3 1/4″Overall Length 8″
  5. Blade Composition: 7Cr
  6. Blade Decoration Browning Logo: Buckmark
  7. Handle Features: Finger Grooves, Lanyard Hole
  8. Handle Material: Injection Molded, Color Tan, Secondary Color Black
  9. Rockwell Steel Hardness: 54-58
  10. Serrated Blade NO

Click the link below to visit theĀ  Browning website. It holds some wonders

Browning 0225 Hunting Knife

Camp Knife

My camp knife. This is probably the only true survival, camping, bugout etc. etc. knife I own. By for the best quality, sharpest and most used knife I have.

The Knives of Alaska, Sure grip bush knife. The quality and sharpness of this knife got my attention.wp-image-617670235jpg1 As far as I am concerned the best money I spent on any of my cutting tools. The perfect weight and length I was looking for in a general use camp and survival knife. It does all the needed chores I need for around camp. Fire prep, wood prep, food prep…the list goes on. I have yet to attempt a chore I need it for and it has not performed to all my expectations. 20170409_185732It is on my belt when in camp. Right from the start of a camp setup. It only comes off when replaced by my walkabout belt knife for a jaunt in the woods.

Looking for a knife of high quality you cannot go wrong with a Knives of Alaska Knife. They offer many different types and needs of knife. Here is a link to their comprehensive website. Take some time to check them out.

Knives of Alaska

There you have it ! a quick look at my 3 constant companions in the outdoors. A must for the 10C’s of survival. And of course fun to play with, safely mind you.

Hopefully it will help you choose the knife you need for your outdoor, survival needs. And keep an extra light jacket handy, just in case….

Remember Knowledge is a survival tool

The novice survivalist





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