A look at my winter walkabout new “EDC” ADDITIONS.

Winter is on its way. I suspect quicker than most want. For me it’s just another opportunity to another season of exploring the wonders of nature. A Lot of folks go into hibernation regarding the winter outdoors. Especially during some of the harsh conditions than can occur here in Minnesota. Last winter we had some -22deg. Wind chill days. Enough to keep even the hardy at home.

For me it’s an opportunity to get out and explore the winter wonderland. 20180302_132216I find that with a good layer of snow providing a silencer for unwanted noise, the quiet and peaceful effect on me is to say the least pleasing.

With the change of season means a change to my daypack and camppack. I will be adding to my “EDC” for winter outdoors. Having been through a winter here in Minnesota, I learnt a couple of hard lessons. Now I have a better idea of what to have with me in the outdoors here in winter. Here are the additions for my winter EDC.

Besides the obvious of dressing appropriate to the conditions. Warm clothes in layers, waterproof boots etc . I have added a few more accessories to enhance my winter outdoor excursions.

One of the lessons of winter I did learn and that is DON’T GET WET!. Obvious isn’t it. Well I thought so. But I was ill prepared for the depth of snow I would be trudging through. When there is a good layer of snow down, it hides all the hidden dips and trip hazards. I know because I believe I found them all.

Dont get wet….

And not deliberately either. One minute trudging along in about 3 inches of snow the next step….12 inches. I usually wear my waterproof ankle high boots. Normally good enough, or so I thought. I went on a walkabout after a good snow fall and found every hole there was. Lesson Learned with in 30 min the bottom of my pants began to freeze and the snow that went inside did the same. Wearing just water proof boots ankle high are not enough.

One of the best buys for winter I have recently made, was for some leg Gaiters, very inexpensive and worth every penny. Less than $8.00, small and take up very little space in your Backpack, or Day pack.

Another addition to my EDC for winter walkabouts, is a good hiking pole, staff or stick. I found a interesting article on Pinterest on how to make a “multi tasking” walking stick. I used the article to make my own hiking pole with some of my own additions. 20181020_131400.jpgIt’s not just for winter walkabouts but become a must have for me for all seasons. I need this more in winter, than any other season. Simply because I now use it in my endeavors to “Not find the hidden holes under the snow”. I use it to prode ahead when in sketchy walking paths that may have hidden ankle breakers. To be honest I like having the walking pole having never considered before. I have grown used to taking it out. At my age balance is not a given anymore, one of the many perks of old age and having that extra leg really is handy to have.

I do own some snow pants that have elastic on the bottom but still use my gaiters “just in case”. Although I have concentrate on winter outdoors here the addition or changes to your “EDC’¬† for any season is part of being prepared for the weather outdoors. whether winter, summer, spring or autumn. Take the time to make sure you have the additions for each season. You never know when you will need “em”.

Remember the old boy scout adage …BE PREPARED.

Knowledge is a survival skill, learnt it !!

The Novice survivalist

Minnesota Madness-Ice Fishing.Movie_Snapshot


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