Setting goals for a new season – Part II, The list

Well campers as I prepare for my planned winter Tarp camp, I find myself going to my typical planning strategy. LISTS, I make lists, lots of lists, I find them all over the place, where ever I tend to be sitting, standing where ever and suddenly start a list, its typically the same list with additions. Why I don’t just have one and add to it, is a mystery to me, but hey! I eventually get there, Ok not always, because no matter how many lists I make I always forget some thing.

So that being said, here is my list for this winter tarp camp I have planned. Ok one of the many lists I have already started, hopefully it will become my final, that’s it, got everything list. But probably not. We will see.


  1. Tarp- DD hammocks 3×3 Tarp
  2. Wool BlanketIMG_20180726_170129_098
  3. Sleeping bag – Snugpak
  4. Sleeping Pad
  5. All weather blanket – Tarp floor
  6. Walking/hiking pole – tarp supports


  1. Snacks – fruit, nuts etc.
  2. Coffee makings – Because life without coffee is no life at all !
  3. Water Canteens – 2 military surplus with nesting cups in pouches
  4. 3 meals – Breakfast, dinner and lunch – at most, undecided as to actual meals
  5. Camp cook set – MSR pocket rocket, Titanium pot (750ml), Bush box, Spork


  1. Back Pack – Karrimor Sabre 30 Litre Rucksack
  2. Camp Knife – Knives of ALASKA bush camp knifewp-image-617670235jpg1
  3. Folding saw – generic
  4. Possibles pouch – Fire kit, flash light, compass, multi-tool etc.
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Water purification kit – Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System
  7. Gas Lantern – TBD ( Bulin ??)
  8. Go Pro – for you to see video20180418_145017
  9. Portable battery backup for Video equipment, phone etc.
  10. Small hand warmers for battery’s
  11. Working Gloves


  1. Knit Hat – Wool
  2. Wool Gloves
  3. Leg Gaiters, Water proof boots, wool socks (2 pairs)
  4. Light Hooded jacket
  5. Heavy Hooded jacket
  6. Thermal top and bottom – (2) Walkaround and sleep
  7. Boot Chains

There you go, that’s it …I Think. Well we will see. As the new year starts so I make up a new Bucket list for 2019. !0 things I need to do. But that’s another story. So off to think about my list and the meals I will be making outdoors…. till the bucket list then.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. I’m reading Tom Browns Field guide to wilderness survival right now. Interesting to say the least.


Safe and Happy 2019 to all.

The Novice Survivalist


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