Mother nature is testing my fishing patience

This winter was a tough one in Minnesota. Long and very cold, it still seems to be holding on forever. Just when the days clear and warm up She ( Mother nature) comes back with cold and snow, along with sleet and driving rain. Arghhh. 20161104_162208Every time I get ready to pull the Hobie out the weather turns.

I am a novice, self taught fly fishing junkie…well Kind of. I hack my way through one of my most favorite pastimes. Fly fishing, not very successfully but I persist. However this is no excuse for Mother nature to load it on to me.

I am ready, right now, lets go. I have prepped my fly rods, flies, and gadgets needed to maybe make my fly fishing adventures better and more successful. Just let me have the chance. I’m not asking a lot…am I?

Yes I am feeling sorry for myself right now. I am certainly over this winter. I am ready to move on. Like I said I have prepped until blue in the face, researched and asked everybody about new spots to fish. Places to Kayak etc. etc. Been through all my daypacks and fishing packs and gadget holders….3 times now.

Whoa is me. Thanks for reading just needed to vent a little…OK a lot. But because you took the time to read this far I thought I would reward you with a look at ..yes my latest gadget I always carry when fly fishing. A good tool for any fisherman’s arsenal.

Check it out


Remember patience is a survival skill. obviously I need to work on that more

The Novice Survivalist


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