Learning about Axes and things

Over the last month or so I have been looking into axes. Mainly the Cold steel Trail Boss and the CRKT Woods Chogan T Hawk. The main reason was I owned both. The Woods Chogan for About 5 years and the Trail Boss I recently purchased. In the past I have had issues processing wood at state and federal camp sites . Using my camp knife is fine for the less than 4 inch diameter wood, unfortunately the camp sites typically offer bigger than that and it becomes a chore processing it with the knife.

Trail boss from COLD STEEL

When I purchased the T-hawk, It came “Kind of sharp” and the results were not good . I lost interest in it. Until looking into axes again and doing some research. I discovered the that most manufactures don’t really put a good edge on the axe. So with more reading etc. I figured out how to sharpen my T Hawk. The results were 10 fold better. So I looked at a slightly bigger axe and decided on the Trail Boss from COLD STEEL.

There are many sides to a good camp axe or tomahawk I soon foyund out. So I researched more thaen did some Dirt time on them.

What a joy it is to process wood again.

Click ion the videos below to see the dirt time and information I have since learnt, Axes the joy of having one to camp with.

https://youtu.be/6TbpWvbPkLA link to Trail Boss

So there you are . A little knowledge can lead to wonderous things.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. Axe use is a survival skill all campers should have.

The Novice survivalist

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