The Plan

Now that I have done my research, On what I believe I will need to know, I can begin to put into place a plan to reach my Ultimate goal in the scenarios I could find myself in. This will involve putting together a list of goals I need to complete in order to reach the ultimate goal.

First, Deciding on your Ultimate Goal. For everyone it will vary. However, The processes we need to do in order to get there, will essentially be the same. Just the specific needs will vary. Below is I believe the list I require to reach my ultimate Goal. Feel free to use these ideas to add to your list. I am a planner by nature. I make lists, add to them, discard them, make new ones, modify and so on. Until I feel I have got the list I need. Having saved you most of that, I have a list. Sort of !!!. Its a start and I am sure will change as I (we) go. Eventually Ill save the list and add it to my downloadable lists on the resource page on the Novice Survivalist.

My Plan.

1.Ultimate Goal.

For me, My Ultimate goal, no matter what, is to get back to my children and family. For me this will require me to get home (My Home Base). Then to get to my Children  (Their home Base). They are approximately 500 miles from my home Base. The best scenario would be getting to home base, re-evaluate the situation, Then using my vehicle to get to the family. If not then I would need about a 2 to 3 weeks, of travel time to get there. This is the scenario I would prepare for. Having the knowledge and tools available to me would get me home even without my vehicle. The task would just be easier if I had my Vehicle available. So I will plan for the worst. As you should, Anything less scenario, would be taken care in this the worst case plan.

This scenario is based on a National or Global disaster. A local disaster would be taken care off as soon as I reached my home base. Or nearest safe haven ( Nearest un-affected community). If the local area included my Home base.

2.Knowledge and skill

I believe that the biggest and strongest skill you can possible have is the ability to manage a bad situation. This is more a mental rather than physical skill. Most people who find themselves in a bad situation will panic.

Panic makes you unstable, you do not think clearly. You will make bad decisions and that will eventually be your undoing.

This is what I consider my first order of business in time of trouble. Designed to get me to my Home Base.

1.Do not panic.!

2.Find a safe haven close by. Basic shelter from the elements.

3.Take the time to assess the situation you are in. Mentally and physically.

4.Check your recourses you have available, such as tools and knowledge.

5.Then develop a plan based on these factors to get you home.

A map would be the main resource here. Or a strong personal knowledge of the area. I Always carry a map of the area I am in. I have  a route home marked out.

If you get lost. In the USA interstate freeways go north/south or East/west. Picking a heading, and staying to it will in all likeliness get to a main freeway. Obviously pick the route that will get you to the nearest one. Even without a compass, using basic navigation skills to keep you moving in the same direction will work. (Ill be improving my map reading and compass skills further on down this adventure).

Knowledge of as many survival techniques as pertains to the situation. This is the research I have done previously. It will include, How to perform certain tasks, and the tools needed to perform those tasks. Hopefully I will have put in enough dirt time to have practiced these tasks with the right tools I have at my disposal. The saying “practice makes perfect” could not be more true. As a survivor you need to feel comfortable in the knowledge you have to get you to you ultimate goal.

3.Tools needed to perform the required tasks.

This would be items such as what you decide to take with you or currently have at your disposal. Having things like a carry bag for certain scenarios. A EDC (Everyday carry bag), a bigger Day pack or a bag you have for multiple days away from home. (Camping, vacation etc.). They would have the tools for Cutting, tying, burning, water/food gathering and  preparation you know how to use. Don’t forget self preservation (defending yourself).

A quick word about a National, Global or even local disasters. The longer or bigger the disaster, the more chance the danger increases with time. When water and food is not readily available, people become more desperate. They will begin to target those who have. Be prepared to defend yourself and group. Because you planned you are now part of the have’s. Its simply natural for the have not’s to band together to get what they need to survive. You need to be prepared to defend yourself in these situations. Know your options, Fight or flight. The safest route would be to avoid contact with others when the situation gets worse. Until you feel confident the situation is safe enough to return. Consider a hide out or safe haven in your plan.

4.Implementing the plan/s

Implementing the plan you have developed sounds easy enough. Not so. Now the real work begins. Once you have the master plan, you now have to decide what skills and tools are the most important. What order of importance do you put on the skills and tools.

Again this depends on your situation and plan. As I said before the procedure for each of us is the same. The details will be different. For me as a solo situation, I have to make all the decisions then carry out each task. For a group this maybe different. You need a leader, Pick one. The leader will decide who performs what tasks and that person needs to learn those skills necessary. Then pass that knowledge on to the rest of the group. One person in a group having the only knowledge and skill to perform a task will not work. If that person is no longer available for what ever reason. The group as a whole is lost. Be sure everyone has the skills. Some will be better at certain skills then others. But the whole group knowing how to do the task makes the group that much stronger, growing confidence.

So with that all said. I am now ready to List what I consider my priorities. Again the priorities and order I pick will differ from others. Use this list as a starting point for your plan.

Here is mine.

1. I will have a mini plan developed before I go anywhere. That plan will be to get me to My home base.(I am assuming the disaster occurs when away from my home Base). Whether working or camping. Developing the skills for the Ultimate Goal will cover the necessary tools need to get to Home Base. Once I am at my home base this is the list of Knowledge and skills (Prioritized) I will need to get to get me to my Children and Family. Home base will have the rest of the required tools I need to complete the ultimate goal.

2.Develop my knowledge by research of skill sets (Based on the list below). The information will be saved for reference.

General survival information.




Water and food gathering

Basic Navigation.

Comfort items. (Mental support tools)

Gathering the tools

Learning the Tool Skills

There you have my plan of action. Starting next I gather the general survival information.

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