Your basic survival needs


After hours of surfing the web, Looking at videos. (You Tube, Google, Google +, Instagram, Facebook, Explorer, etc.), My mind is numb. So much information, Ideas, Lists, What first, What next, Tools, How to knowledge and on it goes.

I have come to this conclusion!

What do I need. Based on the information I have gathered. Nobody thinks, Needs or wants the same as everybody else. We all have our own ideas as to what works for us. Its a “mind set” everybody has.

” I have known me for ….years, I know what I need to make me happy, comfortable, safe.”

Many factors will affect your decisions. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • What is the ultimate goal of the plan or plans you are working towards.
  • What scenarios are you preparing for. Self survival, group, home preparedness,  Medical or physical emergency (accidents), local, National or Global disaster, All of the above.
  • Alone, group or both. Do you live alone as I do. Or do you have a family or group to factor in.
  • Urban, wilderness or both. In the city, House vs Apartment, Suburbs, Remote wilderness. Camping, Home or away, etc.
  • Age, Physical conditioning, Knowledge. This applies to all persons in a group survival setting.
  • Resources available. Do you have reliable transportation, Are emergency services close and available. Are neighbors close and can you rely on them. Is there shelter, food and water sources.
  • How long do you need to sustain yourself or group. A day, Week, Months.

Just to name a few, these factors will help you determine what you need.

My best advice, HAVE A PLAN or PLANS in place.

Do some research, gather information, knowledge and skills. From that develop your plan. Having an ultimate Goal will help determine the knowledge and skill sets you will need.

If you are in a group (More than one soul is involved).

Question? Are pets considered souls. Once again an example of personal priority. A future discussion? But I digress.

 Discuss the plans with the  others, Make sure everyone involved is comfortable with the plans decided on. They need to understand what the ultimate goal is. Remember if someone is not happy they will probably be a hindrance when the plan needs to be implemented. You as a group will have to convince them this is the best plan or exclude them from the group. Remember this is a survival situation. The group, as a whole must survive or the group plan you have will not succeed.

If you are alone, Make a plan or plans, Find another person or persons, who’s knowledge you respect to go over your plans with you. Have them offer advise to improve or approve your plans.

So with all this in mind, (Which is what you the reader should keep in mind.) I will start to plan my schooling in the NOVICE BASIC SURVIVAL NEEDS school of thought. Remember, What I think I need is and  will be different to your needs. This Blog is about helping me and you get to where you the reader need to be. Use it as a starting point or guide if you will.

As always I welcome comments, your plans, thoughts and advise.

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