Dirt Time 2 – Combustion

Continuing on my trek of self learning and awareness on how to survive a unplanned happenstance.20161231_190006 I am continually updating my abilities for a survival scenario by following the 10 C’s of survival. In my previous post I covered my stash of cutting tools.

Next up Combustion, The ability to start a fire. Number 2 on the list of 10 C’s.

There are many ways to start a fire. Some better suited to specific scenario’s. The weather will factor in, as well as your geographic location. Be it desert, snow covered mountains, Forest or a field in the Mid West. Having several different ways and the tools to start a fireĀ is important. Once again I defer to the experts. There are long lists, videos and blogs on fire starting. From this I developed my personal “Fire starter Stash”.20161028_174644 From the obvious to the not so. I have in my emergency kit a number of Fire starting tools. If you look at my videos on my U tube channel, They can be found under my play lists in SURVIVAL. My emergency packs have changed over time. I find myself updating them on a regular basis. I recheck them before any camp trip and typically add or subtract as I go.


Here is what I typically carry.

1.Lighter (bic.) x220170107_131007

2.Regular kitchen matches. (2 boxes)20170107_130907

3.Ferrocerium flint rod (x2)



This is my stash. It is by no means the only ways to start fires. for me it seemed obvious to have a couple lights and a couple boxes of matches. However they get wet, stop working for some reason or another and the Survival mantra of ” 2 is 1, 1 is none” is on my mind all the time. The Flint rod (ferrocerium) is the most basic I have. If I cannot start a fire with these, I probably am in a no win situation anyway. I cannot foresee me deliberately going camping or travelling in an area where these 3 types of starters will not work. If ever I do find myself planning a trip where these are not enough, you can be guaranteed I’ll be researching what will be.

Having a fire starting tool is not enough. you will need the materials needed to combust. Tinder comes in all forms and can be found in most locations, from nature. ( dry bark, grass and very small wood cuttings).

There are man made materials that will work just as well.Cotton Balls and Petroleum Jelly make excellent tinder. Extremely flammable they burn bright for a long enough time to allow you to add bigger tinder and so build your fire. Yes that bottle of Vaseline you so liberally smear over the family is extremely combustible.

Vaseline Jelly and great cotton balls of fire . Watch the video

Click here to watch my video on 2 kinds of fire starters, cotton balls and Petroleum Jelly and theĀ Ferrocerium flint rod. I spent some dirt time with my Daughter practicing the flint. Rachael even got in on the act.

Natural tinder such as dry grass formed into a”birds nest” work well. Wood scrapings and of cause “fat wood”, very popular with the experts.

All these fire starters and combustibles will fit nicely into you emergency bag. Don’t forget just having the tools is not enough. you have to be familiar with them and their use.. get out there and bet the Barbecue going.

Thank you for following my journey through the survival maze.

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Up next on the 10 C’s List. #3 cover (Shelter). That’s going to interesting





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