We live in a modern age, Who needs the old ways

As the title suggests we live in modern times . Technology has made huge bounds ahead to help us humans adapt to our surroundings and to other Non essential often useless things. This is true, as most modern day items will work, 9 out of 10 times on a good day. Yep that’s pretty good odds for most. However If you are like me, The times I will need my modern day gizmos are a little more important than when the wi-fi goes down for an hour at home, while surfing for useless entertainment. Or for more important information such as how to make fire with 2 sticks. (tongue in cheek).

These times I know will be just when I am at my most vulnerable. Yes that’s right, when I am outdoors hiking, camping, kayaking….. at most times I am on my own when I am most vulnerable to some happenstance out of my control.

Compass Skills

Local Weather conditions Turning nasty, Getting lost because I wandered off the beaten path, something I do on most walkabouts. Or bad luck stepping into an unseen hole and “god forbid” breaking something just when I am furthest away from help or safety. That 9 out of 10 times now takes on a whole new meaning.

Technology has brought with it two things that concern me. And should you, the outdoors person, prepper or survival enthusiast.

First -We (the human race) as a whole have come to trust in all things modern. I am not talking electricity, running water and the wheel. I am talking gadgets that since these initial discoveries have been developed to make life better, heathier, and much more convenient.

Modern day survival items

Medicine today is constantly finding new cures and methods to improve treatment of just about every aliment the average person suffers from. Except of course the common cold. The one thing I am forever wondering why that has not been cured …YET?  But I wander from the trail again.

Modern technology has brought to us the “bic lighter”, the smart phone, miniature gas stoves, GPS along with every app. you could come up with. Quicker and better ways ( that’s a matter of opinion)


to process’s the food needed to feed, house and comfort us all. Improvements to all coming on a daily basis. All of which we take for granted. With technology advances the world has shrunk. Meaning with the touch of a button we can contact anybody for help should we need that. Presuming everything is in working order. What if its not.

Need to meet friends at a new restaurant recently opened, no problem, plug in the name and you get, The name, Who owns the business, the website, The menu, specials, operating hours and a map to its location, and reviews all within seconds. Press take me there and the GPS in your car , or on your phone guides you along no problem. Once arrived it asks you how it did with the directions …… Perfect and we do this multiple times daily, without a seconds thought of what happens if electricity, satellites and all the wonderful gadgets suddenly become unavailable. What now?

Ok that’s the worst case scenario, or is it. I wonder about Darwin’s theory ” Survival of the fittest”. Just how many of us could survive this sort of tragedy. I would bet not many of us. I am by no means a prepper or outdoor survivalist.

How long could you stay here

I do read about these things in the interest of improving my odds of survival in a personal “unplanned situation” when outdoors on my own. But I know I am not prepared for a global dissaster, what ever it should be. I very much doubt I would be able to survive for any real length of time.

Not a comforting thought at all. And I’m sure, should most of us think about it, would feel the same way. Unfornatley as a whole we the people have be come so reliant on technology we are no longer self sufficent. Certainly in terms of handling a major dissaster.

Second, the majority of us ( the people) often scoff at the enthusiastic prepper. Including me at times. Should we. I know that if the worst should happen I’m looking for a prepper. They will hopefully have the majority of Knowledge, items and needs to survive. At the least, the ability to survive the dissaster, well a lot better chance then me in my current situation. What is their secret, besides the obvious hoarding of necessities and the knowledge to use them.

The majority of necessities will include the basics. The must have items and knowledge. Yes I am talking about the 10 items considered necessary to survive.

What’s in your B..O.B

The items needed to provide us with shelter from the elements, and items necessary to sustain us while we wait out the dissaster. The everyday prepper has these at their dissposal. And the knowledge and know how to use them.

You guessed it. The majority of these things are “old ways”. How to make a shelter, how to make fire , how hunt for food etc. etc. None of which require the use of modern day gizmos. Granted the modern error has helped improve all these items but they have them and the knowledge right now.

Personally I know the very basics of survival for a short period in the outdoors, maybe even adapt this knowledge to a urban senerio, but not well. Bush crafters and survivalists are prepared. img_20190325_165959_359.jpgThe majority for both urban and wilderness survial. They have planned with the knowledge that modern day survival items may just not be available. Who will be scoffing at them now. Certainly not me.

Having the ability to survive by making shelter, fire and providing food, the basics for any human to survive, takes on a whole new meaning. All using the “old ways”. We ( the world in general) including me, can learn a lot from the old ways. They ( the world before most modern technology) had to do this on a daily bassis. It was part of life, and they too took it for granted. Just as we do with technology today.

Don’t think the preppers have thrown out all the modern day gizmos, absolutely not. I am sure its their first go to response.

Emergency Radio

The difference between them and us mere mortals, is if that technology is not available they are in a much better situation then us. THEY HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE OLD WAYS !.

Remember that. When the next time you are surfing with your latest modern day gizmo, and you come across some one whether bragging or simply sharing their knowledge. Pictures and stories of practicing survival skills with only the old ways at hand may look to us as a hobby or even rediculous. Don’t just ‘poo poo’ them and swipe on. Take some time to look and learn.

You never know just when that knowledge could save you!

Survive another day.

As I always say.

REMEMBER, KNOWLEGDE IS A SURVIVAL SKILL. Certainly knowledge of the old ways.

The Novice Survivalist



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