Dirt time 6 – Candle light

Candle light. #6 on the 10 C’s of survival list.

There are many types of light available to the novice survivalist. From a basic hand held flash light to high tech tactical lights, basic camping headlamps and gas lamps.

My light stash

Just as all the items on the list are a personal preference, you are the one who decides what will work best for your survival plan. Once again remember “2 is 1 and 1 is none.”


Some thoughts to consider when choosing a light source.

Size. This will be limited by the size of your conveyance. Whether back pack, small emergency pack or storage space in your safe house or bug out transport.

Weight. For the backpackers this is paramount. A big, bulky and heavy fish light will not do. Especially when space and weight are important.

Power. Remember these lights have to be powered. Batteries can be heavy and bulky. A light that uses a lot of power will obviously require more batteries to last over a certain period of time. Gas lamps will need refills.

Maintenance. Your light sourse choice may require maintenance. What spares are needed. How often. How much abuse can it handle. Is it waterproof or resistant. More so with Gas lamps. Keeping all these in mind. And for what purpose it will mostly be used, will determine your choices. You may find you need multiple types for all your plans, for use in different scenarios. Try to keep the power sources the same for all your lamps. Using the same batteries for most products will allow for easier storage and replacement. Planning is made that much more simpler.

As you know, I do a lot of Kayak camping and use the same load out whether kayak or Car camping. For me It allows me to budget better. I tend to look at items for any scenario as a dual use for either Kayak or Car camping. This allows me to pack the same way no matter what camping I plan on doing. Obviously there are slight differences, but typically small changes are needed. Size and weight are the major reasons for the products I use. As you should be doing when prepping for emergencies. The smaller and less heavy will allow you to carry more survival needs.

My Candle light Stash.

(Click Here, to see Dirt time #6 Candle light on my You Tube Channel)

1.Ozark Trail, Dual mode lantern and flash light.

This is one of the best finds I have in my emergency stash and general camping kit. Small light weight and most of all in-expensive. ($7.98 at Walmart). I have 4. I keep one in my Truck, one in my Emergency kit, one in my Camping kitchen kit.

Ozark Trails, Dual mode Lantern / Flash Light

And the fourth one is typically in my pocket when out and about, Along with my trusty Buck folding knife.


It only has one setting, on/off. Perfect for my needs. No flasher setting or anything else. Its on or off. Simple is good for me. It has a sliding head which turns it into a 360 deg lantern. The 50 Lumen light source is more than enough for my needs and a life time light bulb. Perfect. It uses 2 Triple A batteries, as do a lot of the other items I have.

2.Ozark Trail, 75 Lumen Lantern.

Another nice product from Ozark Trails. Small enough to fit into my Tent bag  and one in my Kitchen Camp kit.

Ozark Trails, 75 Lumen lantern

Very inexpensive and has 2 modes, Hi and Low. The hi is the 75 Lumens, and on 3 double A batteries it will last for 28 hrs. And for $7.97 a bargain (Walmart). The only thing I did not like, was using Double A batteries.


I use it in my tent on low and that provides more than enough light for me to read and perform tasks at night in the tent. It has a handy built in Carabineer for hanging.

3. Defiant LED Mini Work Light.

This is a lamp I picked up at Home depot. I originally used it for taking photos for another project.

Defiant, LED mini work light

It small enough to carry in my camping back pack so it comes with. “1 is none 2 is one”…..Its Ok, the light is not as good as you would expect. However, its adequate for my needs and was available. Light and uses triple A batteries.


4.Headlamp: Energizer.

This is a great item for any camper or emergency situation. The main reason…..Hands free use. I use this as my kitchen light in the evening when preparing my meals. It allows me to have both my hands free to work. This model was middle of the road as far as the choices I had. It did not hurt my budget and I have in mind to purchase another one.

Energizer, Head lamp

May be a little more sturdy and designed for longer life. This Energizer one has 2 modes hi and low by using a simple slide switch, located on the top. It uses 3 triple A batteries. Not sure how long they will run or the output in lumens. But is has worked for what I needed it for. Some thing every person in your party should have. For camping or survival. Can even be handy around the house, for doing repairs in dark places etc.


So something else to chew on. Candle light.

Don’t forget as the name says. Candles are handy to have around in a no light situation. and should be in your emergency stash.

See my reference page for more videos on the 10 C’s of survival

Just saying

See you soon, Stay prepared, Increase your knowledge.

The Novice Survivalist


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