Cordage 2- Knots and things

Knots. Without knots, cordage is accentually of no use to the Survivalist or camper. Knowing how to tie the right knot or knots for the task you are performing is essential to your success.20170128_095723 There is really no need to know every knot there is to tie. A lot of knots you will land up using depends on the task and cordage you are using. Learning how to tie the most common and widely used knots should be on your list of tasks to master for your Survival plan. All members of the group or family should be familiar with them. That way the tasks can be delegated to anyone to perform a task that will require using cordage to secure something. ns-dirt-time-4-1-cordage-4-movie_snapshotWhether it is securing the load on a vehicle, Tying wood gathered together or hanging a tarp or tent. Everybody in the group plan should be reasonably adept at tying up cordage.

A search on the favorite search engines will give you a pretty good idea of the most common knots you should be familiar with to perform any tasks in your survival plan.

Do not try to become an expert on every knot. Find between 3-6 knots you can use to perform the tasks you foresee in your plan. Remember to take into account the type of task and the cordage that will be used. ns-dirt-time-4-1-cordage-2-movie_snapshotSome knots will not work as well with certain types of cordage. Personally I will only have 550 Para cord and Bank line available to me. With that in mind I decided on the 6 knots I think I will need to use with the cordage for any tasks I plan on performing to complete my plan to get home.

  1. Bowline Knot                                                                               bowline
  2. Double fisherman’s Knot                                                       capture
  3. Clove Hitch Knot                                                                       clove-hitch
  4. Square knot                                                                                square
  5. Clove Hitch knot (2 Half Hitches or turn around)         round-turn-and-sllip
  6. Slip knot (Running knot)                                                       slip

So there they are. I carry with me a short piece of Para cord and when I am relaxing use it to practice these knots. From memory…It works sometimes . Just need to practice more.

Till next time.

” Knowledge is a survival skill”

The Novice Survivalist




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