Dirt time 9- Cargo Tape

This is one of the “not really required” items on the 10’Cs of survival list. However its a very versatile item to have in your bag of survival tricks.

Cargo Tape, number 9 on the 10 c’s list, also known as Duck Tape or Gorilla tape or 100MPH tape. What ever you call it is one of the multitaskers in the survivalists bag of goodies. Very strong and durable tape. It has many uses for the survivalist. There at lists and lists on the web about uses for Duck tape.

Standard Duck tape and Gorilla tape. Essentially the same thing for the use of a survivalist

Not all pertain to survival, but I have seen survival lists that have 50 uses for Duct tape. Some are a stretch, some trivial, but some are very useful. Personally for me Tape has 3 main uses. For my planning which is to get home from a emergency scenario while out solo camping.

Having said that, I do have 3 different bags/packs for different things.

  1. My kayak solo camping emergency bag. Its small enough to fit into my kayak and is really designed for a 71 hour situation. (See my video on I got tagged on my You Tube channel.)
  2. My EDCC, everyday car carry bag. With me when I am at work or driving any distances.
  3. And my back packing setup. Which is a bigger back pack , which has all my camp items, plus survival kits. Really a longer than 72 hour pack. ( actually just a nice big bag to keep all my camping stuff in. Convenient to just grab and go should I decide to camp, with out my Kayak.)20170312_083803

Back to tape. For me the uses include

  1. Patching, Repairs to my Kayak, Tarps, Tent, clothes, sleeping bag etc.
  2. Make shift tying. By cutting the tape into long thin strips and doubling over. ( long side) it can be used to tie up shelters, wood or any items you may need to bundle or tie together.
  3. Medical kit, Can be used to hold a cut together, used to make a splint.

As you can see here is just 3 simple uses I would use tape for. As I mentioned above, a quick look /search under uses for duck tape or survival uses for duck tape will give a multitude of uses. You will be surprised.

Till next time, Number 10 …Canvas needle, sowing anybody…

Stay safe, be prepared and remember

“Knowledge is a survival skill.”

Novice Survivalist




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