EDCC – Every Day Car Carry

Yes its true I made this up. Its my version of a EDC bag.(Every Day Carry). In my professional life, My work takes me all over the area I live in. I spend an average of about 5-6 hours  driving. I …

Source: EDCC – Every Day Car Carry


About novicesurvivalist

I am simply another person who wants to be prepared. I have realized over time that I am simply not self prepared for most survival situations. I love the outdoors and try when possible to go Kayaking and Camping. The more I researched about my favorite interests (Camping and Kayaking) the more I realized how uneducated I am about some very basic survival skills. Basically I am a NOVICE. This website and related blogs/Vlogs are intended for me to better my survival skills in not just the outdoors but Urban every day life. Hopefully people who decide to follow me on my schooling, Will learn and add to their and pass on to me and others basic survival skills as well.
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