Surviving on a budget or multitasking

Now that my finacial situation has changed drastically I find myself shopping smarter. Not nessesarily cheaper. When I am looking for a particular product, I no longer buy at the first opportunity. I tend to look at other options available that are not nessesarily the exact product but will do what I need it to do. Price obviously is the major concern. However choosing a product for a one only task has now expanded to ” can I use it for other scnerios”. Does it multi task.

Buying a knife for a particular need, can be chossen because it also can perform another task. Can it for example not just do the carving I need, but is it large enough and sturdy enough to take battening to make fire kindling or can it be ysed for eating,kitchen work and other general tasks I need in the wilderness. Spending a couple of dollars more can certainly save money in the long run or bigger picture.

When you decide you need a tool or some camping or survival product. Take time to sort in your mind if that particular product can multi task. Not only will it save money in the long term but for you minamilists or someone looking to lighten your load, it can make your wilderness time easier.

Budgeting can in some ways not only save you money, but weight, space and get your other skills (problem solving, such as putting more thought into how you chose to experience the outdoors.)honed. It will expand your knowledge on surviving under minimal conditions.

Not on a budget…no problem, Use the same ideas to prepare for emergencies. You will be surprised at what you will come up with. Especially if you only have some basic items to survive with.

Just a thought

The Novice Survivalist

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