Just did a overnight hammock camp

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, camping, bush crafting or what ever reason takes your fancy. You will appreciate how a simple, quick overnight camp can settle your spirits. I try, when ever I go in to the outdoors to do a “walkabout”. One of my favorite things to do in the outdoors. A simple 1hr walk around just appreciating the outdoors is often enough to settle my mind and soul.

Tent or hammock?


Hammock camping is a favorite way for me to spend the night outdoors. It requires little space for packing and is way better than sleeping on a thin pad on the ground in a tent. Granted a lot of times we don’t have the hammock option as there has to be a place to hang it. I try when ever going camping, whether Kayak, walk-in or car camp to do a quick scout of the place I am going. That way I know if  I can hammock or have to tent it.

Makes for better planning when camping. If you cannot scout it personally go online for reviews on websites etc. to get the info second hand. A word of warning….You may just get there and find things are not as hoped when using second hand info.

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Tent or Hammock?

A simple way to check is call the camp site and ask the Ranger. Typically if you can Hammock camp they require or prefer hammock straps rather than the 550 style cord most hammocks come with.


Anyway I digress….. I wanted to let everybody know I will be updating the video list in my resources page. Check them out. I always try to include a tip or two, when posting a video of camping so give the camping videos a look see.

Or just click here :

Over night hammock camp

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill…..

The Novice Survivalist

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