Yep. another 2 Minute tip, blog,vlog and more

Campers as I said in my previous post, I have been making a point of getting out and about. As most of you are aware I video a lot of my walkabouts, camping and review my equipment. I am hoping to inspire you all to get out there. whether Sun, rain or snow. There is always something to enjoy in the outdoors.

When I started this site and blog its was originally intended as a self help blog for me…and others in being prepared for the outdoors. Basic survival skills and equipment was on my mind. The site has evolved into more of my enjoyment of the outdoors.

I find myself looking for excuses to be outdoors.20170822_074002_001 Just walking about enjoying and exploring nature. Camping, Walkabouts and Kayaking are my favorites.

Here in Minnesota, there are many many opportunities to explore and my intention is to do just that. I have started locally exploring and now look to expand my area of exploration. yes there will be Vlogs on all.

So brace yourself for an influx of Blog posts, Video blogs (Vlogs) and posts on all my social media accounts.20170812_141250 Want to follow my adventures, follow me here, or find me on Instagram under “2nd chance George’, Youtube (2nd Chance George )or the Novice survivalist right here now. I welcome you along. and Maybe I’ll inspire you get play along outdoors. Nature has a lot to offer us for fun, excitement and peace of mind

Before I go here’s another 2 minute tip from my youtube channel you can watch and comment on. Just visit my Channel playlists and watch more tips and things.

Remember though and never forget, “Knowledge is a survival Skill”.

20170822_071837 The holidays are coming so be safe out there.

Just saying….

The Novice Survivalist/2nd Chance George

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