My Camp Stoves

Hello Campers. I have just uploaded another sterling, fascinating and splendiferous Video review of my  compact camp stoves I lug around on my Day walkabouts and overnight camping trips.IMG_20171129_152548_057 These are the normal part of my Camp Kitchen.

The Kitchen consists of  a Pot, Mug and my Stoves, with a couple utensils thrown in. This I find, more than meets my needs. You may or may not know I had some medical issues about 2 years ago. Just a little triple Bypass heart surgery. That changed my mind set on a lot of things from my past, Including eating habits. I now am a vegetable maniac. No, I still get a meat fix about once week. (typically fat free chicken or a small steak.). 98% of meals are vegetarian or fruit snacks.. I am not a true vegetarian or Vegan by any means. Simple eating healthier. So my camping cooking is not for everybody. Camping I eat very plain. typically rice with a small can of mixed veggies and I carry a assortment of spices to change it up. This works for me. breakfast is simple with toast and a cuppa Coffee or tea (hot tea, I haven’t got past the iced tea thing, not my cup of tea, to say.). What is this you say, well It makes my camp kitchen very basic. Snacks are free fruit and yes I have a sweet tooth, so a small candy is added as a treat for a job well done.

20170822_071837However I still need to cook. Making a hot meal will go along way when out there solo camping. Especially in cold weather. Which is my next planned camp.

One to the main topic George!. My camp stoves. As the opening volley said, they are all compact. I either Kayak (Preferred camping style), walk in, or drive. Either way I use the same camp kitchen. Its familiar to me and I am comfortable with it. I have real trouble packing for camp. I am an over packer. I try to lessen my load after each camp. Going over what I used on the last trip and what I did not. Using this as a guide I am slowly whittling down my over packed camp kit. Well that’s the intention anyway.

When I lived in California I had access to very few places to camp where building a fire in the outdoors was limited. They are stick out there. Looking at the news lately I can see why. Wildfires are the greatest danger in California. Summers are wet and winter very dry. So the making of camp fires is strictly controlled. you must use designated fire rings. Which kinda puts a damper on the whole bushcraft fun of camping.IMG_20171202_202020_205 However in Minnesota, there are a lot more opportunities for wild camping and although the State and local County parks require you use the fire rings, there is a lot of Federal park lands here. which allow open fires. I personally like cooking on my stoves and use the fire for camp feel and warm. After all camping without a fire is like, well having a wedding without champagne. It’s just not the same without a fire.

So the stoves. I possess 2 small compact gas stoves.Both use mixed fuel (performance blend) that come in fairly small containers that are self sealing. ( they it perfectly in my cook pot for packing) So I don’t have to waste fuel getting rid of a partially used can. Both fold up reasonably small and are very light and so far both have been extremely reliable. What’s the difference, why 2 different stoves. Well The first one I ever bought I got at Walmart. The Peak one from Colemen. Priced right, it has been the one I have mostly used. Later I got the MSR Pocket Rocket. It had great reviews and I wanted a back up. The pocket Rocket is slightly smaller than the peak one but I suspect the better stove. Old habits force me to stay with the peak one till the bitter end . Just the way I roll.

The Pocket Rocket was a little more expensive than the Peak one. It comes in a nice small plastic storage case that takes up little room. In fact when both are folded up. On their own, each is small enough to be packed in my coffee mug.

I do own a Bushbox stove maxresdefaultwhich uses small tinder for fuel. For me it’s more of a survival/emergency stove. However I pull it out regularly, just because it’s fun to use. It folds up flat and fits into my Military canteen pouch with the canteen and cup perfectly. big space saver.

There you go. My compact stoves. Love these stoves and all three have their own advantages. If you have never tried one. well you are missing out on the true fun in camping. Check out the video review on my Youtube into video channel and see for yourselves.

Get out into nature and enjoy. Stay warm and safe always.

The novice survivalist

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