Tis the season

Campers its that time of the year. Its when we are all busy, shopping, connecting with family and friends, shopping ..the horror. Personally I am the worst Christmas shopper I know. Fortunately my family is aware of this and expectations are low. I go the easy route. Money……. Cannot go wrong there. i like to think that with this they can get what they really want. Not what I think they do.

Personally I am really bad in crowded places. I avoid them like the plague. And right now ..lots to avoid. Fortunately it snowed . So there was my excuse . Get outdoors in the wilderness and enjoy some quiet time walkabout. I decided that Big Woods State Park near Nerstrand Mn. was the place to be. No crowds (They all be last minute shopping) and I can have some alone time enjoying the outdoors.20171222_120854 It did not disappoint. Yes there were people there. Not many and I suspect I was not alone in my thinking of getting away from the crowds. We all studiously avoided each other while out there.

For me this will be the first Christmas away from my children. Not easy for me. I will miss my family. But I wander. Big woods State Park holds a little treasure I wanted to see.20171222_120658 Hiddens falls. With the temperature being and getting lower now, Christmas here will be in the low teens and negative at night…Brrr. The Hidden falls were frozen. The result…amazing to see. The last time I was here, during the Eclipse, it was raining and flowing strong. Snow on the ground low temps and a quiet walk.

See if you can beat that.

Merry Christmas all and a very safe 2018. may it bring all you wish for.


Oh and yeah Ill be posting a walkabout video to look for it in the resources page under video walkabouts.


Be safe this holiday season

Just saying

The Novice Survivalist.

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