What can a picture offer..

Today when driving home from a quick visit with friends, I decided to stop by a favorite walkabout place I know.20171209_132409 Once again it never fails to make my day. As harsh as a Minnesota winter can be, I realized how much it also gives back to me for taking the time to get outdoors and enjoy it. No matter when I go, I see wonderous things. The snow lays a beautiful blanket on the landscape. Providing some very inspiring scenes.

I am not only a Novice Survivalist but a “wannabe” world famous nature photographer. Unfortunately I will never be one. But just getting outdoors and snapping pictures of things nature gives us, can make for a great time spent out there rather than “couch potatoeing”. Sure its cold ( 23deg.) out there and it will get colder. But that should be no deterrent to the determined outdoor lover.

I do not own a special camera and simply carry my trusty Samsung note 5. I love that thing, It has been by my side for the last couple years and has preserved a lot of special memories for me.20171209_132036 Not just of Family and friends but of places I have seen, things I love. The pictures I take are of the things that make me happy. The outdoors is full of them. I just have to go out on a walkabout and there they are. All posed and ready for a selfie, portrait, landscape,close up or macro shot. The opportunities are endless, all it takes is for you to be there.

Next time you are out take the time to snap a pic. Technology today is a great cheat. Samsung provides me with a simple app to “adjust” my pictures and enhance my photo skills. As bad as they are ( My skills that is). I believe with practice I can enhance my what I call “photo eye”. I make a point of really looking about me as I go walkabout. Don’t rush it to get that 10000 step count. You may and I am pretty sure have missed some great personal pleasers. Yes I said PERSONAL pleasers.IMG_20171209_143626_030 You don’t have to please others just yourself. Along the way show them off. I often post a picture I like to Instagram. And am often surprised at the likes I get for it. We are a large assortment of things we love and things that please us. in general people are easily pleased by a visual display of thing’s they love.

What’s your point George. well even if you think others would not like or care about the pictures you take of things you come across that please you. Take the picture for you. Every now and again pull them out and look at them. You will be surprised how much joy you can get from an old memory.

For me it is the outdoors I love.20171209_143027.jpg It may not be for you. But I bet there is something out there that is for you. IMG_20171209_143626_029Try it next time you are doing something you like. You will be pleasantly surprised the joy it holds in the simple memory later on down the road.

Just saying is all.

Remember no matter where or what you doing. be safe and be prepared .

Knowledge is a survival tool.

The Novice Survivalist

2 Comments on “What can a picture offer..

  1. I do agree with all the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.


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