The Walkabout.

Since moving to Minnesota I have renewed my passion for wandering the outdoors. I did it before but never as much as here. I love the outdoors. It settles a bad day or just lets me spend some alone time walking about. I have yet to go on a walkabout and be disappointed. Nature is a strong resource for me.

It (Nature) offers just about all the quiet time, interesting views, scenes of wonder, animals and birds you can shake a stick at. Love that expression….finally got to use it on a blog. Ha ha. Seriously though the outdoors can offer anybody and everybody something.20170502_171322 I try to get out as much as possible. Any opportunity or spare time I have I am out there. Some times its just a quick fifteen minutes. Some times a good couple hours. Either way I get the most out of it.

I look for places to go where ever I am. I go on-line and search for local trails and parks. I have a number of apps I use to find even more and have started to travel further and further out of my “local” area.

This year I plan on going even further.

In Minnesota I see a lot of families and couples walking the trails or even biking. Some thing I never had the opportunity to do.20170813_160957 I have one regret. The fact that it took a serious medical issue to get me back out. I had lost my way to the outdoors, And this helped be find my way back.

Life is busy especially in this day and age. Don’t let the outdoors go unappreciated. Get out and say hello. Show your children and friends just all the wonderous things it has to offer. Walk about, camp and explore. You wont be disappointed ….


The novice Survivalist


Here’s a quickie I had to opportunity to squeeze in. Check it out

Winter Walkabout


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