Dirt time 4. CONTAINERS

Well finally got to do some dirt time on the series 10 C’s of Survival. My learning curve of survival in a emergency situation. Something , as you know I have been interested in. Actually the reason for the website.20170119_175335 So with the weather being un-cooperative I spent some time going through my camping, walkabout “stuff” I carry with me, looking at CONTAINERS that would be useful should I find myself in an unplanned situation where survival knowledge would get me home safely.

I have added this video to the Reference page under dirt time . Its been wanting for a while so check it out. Maybe you have some ideas on container’s you carry that would be useful and how you would use it should it become necessary. Check out the other dirt time videos while you are there.IMG_20171202_201714_568

Containers part of the 10 C’s of survival. You will be surprised what you carry with you and with a bit of thought use for survival. Give you “kits ” a look from a container point of view…

Knowledge is a survival Skill

Just saying !!!!!!

The Novice Survivalist

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