No Trace…a good practice

A pet peeve….outdoors and trash

The Novice Survivalist

Hello all,

Yes I am about to talk about a pet peeve. No Trace….what you say. Well I’m glad you asked. Ever since I returned to the outdoors, the saying “leave no trace” has been on my to do list when out camping, walkabouting or scouting . 20170406_135810Its an obvious idea and needs to be said again. Its practiced by most outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, hunters and even the military.


What got me here. Well You Tube to be honest. Yes You Tube. Especially over the last couple of months or even the last year.

As most of you know I am a “Tuber”. I have a small channel, Ok a tiny channel on you tube that I originally started as a way to get videos to my Children who live in California. It was a quick, easy and the big one free way to for me…

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