No Trace…a good practice

Hello all,

Yes I am about to talk about a pet peeve. No Trace….what you say. Well I’m glad you asked. Ever since I returned to the outdoors, the saying “leave no trace” has been on my to do list when out camping, walkabouting or scouting . 20170406_135810Its an obvious idea and needs to be said again. Its practiced by most outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, hunters and even the military.


What got me here. Well You Tube to be honest. Yes You Tube. Especially over the last couple of months or even the last year.

As most of you know I am a “Tuber”. I have a small channel, Ok a tiny channel on you tube that I originally started as a way to get videos to my Children who live in California. It was a quick, easy and the big one free way to for me to get the videos to them. (my children). As with all channels I found more people began to watch my videos of me camping etc. The channel has grown some what and I have about 200 subscribers. As I said its tiny, very small even to the smaller channels on You tube. I have grown to like using it. And have fun posting and interacting with the people who watch my videos. I have met a lot of good people. Well not actually met but consider them “Tube friends”. People who watch and interact with my videos. I use it to look for tips and tricks on survival, camping, hiking and all outdoorsy stuff.

What’s my point here. Well lately You Tube has come under fire. Press has been not so good to say the least and now You Tube has changed policies for those who have a channel big enough to advertise and be paid for views. It has affected a lot of “tubers”. There is a uproar about these changes that have been implemented. Did it affect me. Not in the least. Yes it would be nice to make a couple bucks from You Tube. But I don’t feel the need. I make the videos for fun and my children’s enjoyment and now to share my love of the outdoors. This website is a off shoot of it.

The whole mess right now on You Tube has been made even worse by a select few “Tubers”. These “tubers” are big, very popular channels. Unfortunately they have had some “oops” lately and advertisers are threatening or already have left YouTube. And that’s what got me to thinking how so few can affect so many. Their Opps’s have affected a lot of other people who are tubers.

This same applies to the outdoors. For most outdoor users, those who choose to go out and enjoy the quiet and solitude, 20161106_182648Spectacular views or the many other opportunities, whether hiking cross country, camping, fishing, hunting or just doing a day or quick walkabout the outdoors offers, They often find that it has been spoilt by a select few. I a no exception. And its a PET PEEVE.

Nothing miffs me more than to be out walkabout or camping and to come across a pile of trash left willy-nilly around a camp site, picnic spot or just on a random trail. It amazes me how often this happens. And the closer to dense population you get the worse it gets.20171120_122622 The National, State and County parks throughout the magnificent United States constantly promote “leave no trace”. I have had numerous opportunities to talk to local rangers and employees working the many wonderful parks and forests. The stories told of what has been left behind would amaze you. I will say this is less obvious here in Minnesota, where the majority of Minnesotans have grown up in the outdoors. The “look after the outdoors” mantra, is passed on through generations. How ever having moved from California…… The first camping trip I recorded on my channel was in North Central California, a local popular lake/reservoir. When I arrived in was wonderful. However after 2 days and many, many visitors it was a mess. Trash everywhere. The local ranger said this was normal. They would be spending the next 2 days cleaning up in preparation for the next weekend. Sad to say at the least.

I was recently out doing a scouting walkabout looking for a winter camp site prior to winter. As you know (from a previous post) I like to snap nature pictures that catch my attention. I saw a picture opportunity and took the picture. Later when editing my video and pictures, I was shocked to see something I had missed.

This is the edited picture below is the unedited picture.

Edited Picture



Unedited picture

I had to do some nasty editing to cover the mess I had included in the picture.


The more I consider this, the more concerned I become. Eventually it will affect all of us. Just as what is happening on You Tube. The constant growing work load for the administrators and employees of our parks will become overwhelming and the cost of upkeep is and will increase. Lets face it, nobody wants to go outdoors to view trash left behind. If it cannot be maintained, outdoor enthusiasts that use the many parks and trails will go else where.20170822_074400 Taking with them much needed money used to keep the parks beautiful. Cost of use of these outdoors will increase. Eventually to the point of limiting who can afford to use the outdoors as much as we are able to now.

Am I preaching doom and gloom. Maybe. Are my concerns legit. I don’t know. The whole point of this little rant of mine is a reminder. When using the outdoors, always carry with you a trash bag. Pick after you are done. Even to the point of picking up others trash. Carry it out with you. It sounds like a small effort but if we all do it, we maybe able to preserve the outdoors for our future generations to enjoy.

Take the time to teach “NO TRACE” to you family and friends. Pass it on.

Just saying!!

Rant over.

Remember knowledge is a survival Skill, as well as a nature preserver!

The Novice survivalist

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