Knowledge is a Survival Skill !

Recently I was going through comments posted from my you-tube channel. I had posted a 2 minute tip video, Something I try to do on a weekly basis. With medium success. Its not easy for me to come up with these but they have been fairly popular on the whole.

My 2 minute tip series

Maybe because I cannot hold someone’s attention longer than 2 minutes .What can I say.  Concerning to say the least. But that’s not the reason for this post.


The 2 minute video was on prepping for the new season. I had said that “Sharpening your knifes and your mind” is something we should all do. A subscriber commented that that was a great idea. Not the sharpening your knife, but the sharpening your mind. That got me thinking about something else I tend to do on all my blog posts.

I try to end all my blogs with the words “KNOWLEDGE IS A SURVIVAL SKILL”. Its actually something I practice, not just preach. I truly believe that. As you are aware, this blog I have created was to help me gain more knowledge and skills about survival in the outdoors. Or any other scenario that may arise. First of all I am not a “dooms day” or “apocalypse preacher”.jnw7bglnkkg.png I am simply a person who finds himself often outdoors alone, And have concerns about surviving a personal disaster, Or a natural disaster. I just want to be as prepared as possible, So I can get home or to safe haven, Should something happen. Another question I am asked is “With what and how do I protect myself when outdoors alone?.” Against animals or even unwanted “near do wells” I should encounter while out there on my own.

I do not carry a gun. Its just a personal choice I decided on when I started going solo outdoors. It is  a choice each of us must make and live by it. If you carry a gun, good for you. Just make sure you are knowledgeable in the use, care and laws of owning one. Its just not my choice to carry one. To be honest I am a “Nervous Nelly”. Yes I admit it. Because of that I chose not to ” Carry”. I do have a axe, and number of knives , But that’s it.

Well no, That’s not true!, I do have something else. KNOWLEDGE. I am a planner by nature as I have said before. For me planning is the number one defense for me. My Planning involves many things I consider. Here is a quick look at my planning process.

What do I want to do and Where am I going to do it and how long.

Will I be camping, Tent, Tarp or hammock. How long. And the obvious where will I be going. Once I make the choices, I can now start to research. Where possible I try to do a walkabout and scout of the area I intend to go. I also use Google maps, Google earth pro to look at the area. Not the best but at least I have a fairly good Idea of the area. I use the internet a lot, to find any reviews or information on the area. Local State forestry departments or here in Minnesota the DNR ( Department of Natural Resources) has some good information.


Especially here in Minnesota. Weather is my number one concern. Winter means temperate, snow ice etc. For those of you who do not live in a 4 season state, do not overlook this. For me it means what clothing and type of camping I will be doing. Also food and other camping items to suit. Yes I have a list for that.


When looking and gathering information about the area I intend to go, I look for any “signs of concern”. Things like people posting car break ins, noisy or unruly neighbor’s. Park ranger activity. Are they present and active. You will be surprised of what information is out there. From this I can get a reasonable idea of people concerns. 20161022_125322.jpgThe ranger stations and websites will give out information of animal concerns etc. If I have concerns that really worry me . I don’t go. That’s it. But to be honest. It would have to be really bad for that to happen. I tend to keep to myself when out doors. Not just from people but known bad “animal areas”. In reality there is no way to predict everything. You go out alone you take your chances.

Friends and family.

I always make a point of letting family and friends know I am going out. My family knows where, when and how long I am going for. I let them know when I leave and always let them know I’m back. They have a “window of concern”. Basically if they do not hear from me, to contact me first, if unable to, then the local authorities. I will have told them the necessary information.


I have lists, both written and in my mind. they include food, camping equipment, transport, time table, maps, clothing and survival/emergency bag. They also include the type of season list. AND knowing how to use what I take.

That is basically it. Being prepared is a knowledge game. Know your area, know your limitations, know your skill levels, Know your ….. and it goes on.

Simply put.


Be safe out there

The Novice Survivalist




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