A season change, Make the change, Prepare…

Yes a new season is around the corner. What does that mean for you. Well for me, It depends on what hat I am wearing right now means some chores to be done. Different hats? Well right now I am a fly Fisherman, in a couple hours a camper, not just a camper but some one who solo camps, ALOT!. Especially in Spring, Summer and Fall. As I am sure we all do. Then there is the NOVICE SURVIVALIST hat I am finding I wear more and more. Yes I am still learning, and there is much to learn. Although I have shared some of it here, I need to share my experiences and new found knowledge more.

With the change of season, we whether, Fisherman/women, camper or Novice Survivalist, We all need to make the change to the new season. Whichever one it maybe, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it does not matter. The process is the same. Ha! Did you notice, I changed chores to processers. For me these tasks are really not chores. I love to look through and touch, feel and look at all the goodies. It’s a little awkward I know but what can I say. I like the stuff I own.

Why I do this, (And you all should be doing it), As every season changes, what and how we manage, carry, or use our tools of the trade changes with it. Whether camping, fishing or hiking. 20180125_195000 This is the time for me to remove, add, clean, maintain my equipment. Some my have been sitting dormant, some well used the last season. All of it needs to be checked before going into storage, or added. This I learnt to do on a regular basis. More than necessary I tend to go through my helpers a little too much. however having a regular timetable is a good thing. Whether weekly, monthly or seasonally it needs to be attended to. This is not the check of what you have packed in preparation for a trip. But a more thorough check and clean of the items you will be using for the new season.

Maintaining your equipment has many advantages. It can save you heart ache. Money and wasted time outdoors. The heart ache is having a item, fall apart or just stop working. Not only is it frustrating, but costs money to replace. All for the sake of a little maintenance. Wasted time outdoors will be lost. I had a “issue” because I did not check my equipment before leaving on a trip I planned on spending a lot of time kayaking. To my horror, I lost the drain plug on my kayak. Not only did I not check before loading up, I did not have a spare. Needless to say I now have 3 spares. (One is none, two is one…) Lesson learned.

So for me its getting out the fly-fishing things. Going through all my Rods, reels and fly assortments I use. Cleaning the rods with a damp cloth and some line butter on my fly lines. reel butter on the reels and a good wipe down.20170210_164007 Sorting out the flies into specific boxes by type and noting what I am short of. Even going as far as testing my clippers to see if they need to be sharpened. Checking my 2 chest packs for worn seams, broken clips and missing tools I need on hand when out there fishing.

Fly stuff done, I will be looking at my Kayak. Yes does it have a drain plug on it. I know. Looking for cracks, worn parts (Cords on rudder, lids sealing correctly and cleaning and lubricating the Mirage drive. (Hobie peddle system).) A general wipe down and making sure the milk crate has the anchor system and that the trolley is still firmly fixed to the kayak. 20170506_113536.jpg Checking my PFD (personal flotation device, i.e life jacket.) is in good working order, with whistle, Kayak flag and paddle all good. Battery system for the fish finder is charged and working….and lots more.

Next camping gear. Pulling out the Hammock, tent,  tarp, sleeping bags, blankets, under blanket, cook set, packs and emergency pouches. Going through each. Looking for needed repairs, tears, worn cordage, sharping the cutters, checking expiration dates on food, medicine etc. etc.

As you can see the next couple of hours, No, days will be busy. What joy. No matter how painful it may seem the time taken is well spent. Not only ensuring a safer trip, with trouble free trips you save money and wasted time dealing with mishaps that these couple hours could have saved you. to be honest I enjoy my time with my prized collection of toys, tools and friends.

This is just some thoughts as I go through my toys. I will be posting more in-depth blogs of how I deal with each set. I will be focusing on the survival side regarding BOB, EDC and other areas a little more. My intention is to come up with a solid check/maintenance list with procedures for the more important items I own and use regularly. Maybe you can use them in the future as a starting point for your needs. When I have them done Ill post on the reference page for you to download and use as your reference, along with videos when possible. Of course I am sure you will have some insights into what need to be added. Keep in mind these lists will be for my needs and a starting reference for you. Adapt them to yours.

Stay tuned….

Remember, Preparation and Knowledge is a Survival Skill….

The Novice survivalist




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