Another Mighty Mini Multi-tool.

Remember a previous post, I posted about surviving on a dime. All about the Gerber Dime multi-tool. Well say hello to the GERBER SPLICE, the Dimes little brother. Very small very compact, light and a perfect addition to a key chain, EDC, survival or possible’s pouch.

These small guys, and there are a lot out there, are often forgotten. They can and are considered part of the 10 C’s of survival.


They perform multi functions. Most good ones have a blade. saw, screw driver, file, bottle opener and of course scissors. Some have tooth picks, tweezers and many other “tools”, The survivalist may need in a survival situation.

The Gerber Splice has a multitude of options on it. Although not really designed for heavy mechanical work. But for the survivalist it has its uses.


The most obvious (As with most multi-tools) are the scissors. These are fairly sturdy for the size of the tool and are probably the best I have seen on a multi-tool this small.

The Splice is small enough to attach to your car keys, pouch or even in a women’s handbag with out adding a lot of weight.

This one I own, has a home in my Fly-fishing day pack. Inside a small survival bag. Yes even in my fishing pack…..

When I go fishing I tend to wander along rivers and lakes. I lose myself in the moment. Something that I find good for my well being. Fly fishing especially takes me away. Unfortunately I fish solo a lot, and hence have the need to have a survival pouch with me. Just incase I loose my self to much. Its a small compact kit and the GERBER SPLICE fits in perfectly as a survival multi-tool for an overnight mishap.

Here are the specifications of the Splice.

  • 5.51 x 5.91 x 0.59 in
  • 3.2 ounces
  • Scissors
  • screw drivers (2)
  • Knife blade (2) one is serrated
  • File
  • Bottle opener20180414_045339

Interested check out the link on My Things page. Under cutting tools in the 10C’s list.

As a survivalist these Mighty Multi-tools are a must for your prepared kits.

Remember to keep your survival pouches up to date. For what ever the occasion.

The Novice Survivalist


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