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The fishing question? Why me

Some times I just feel I am destined to struggle to catch fish. It happens alot to me and was wondering…is it just me. I went icefishing with my friend Travis. And yep got skunked..,again. Check it out Advertisements

Another Mighty Mini Multi-tool.

Remember a previous post, I posted about surviving on a dime. All about the Gerber Dime multi-tool. Well say hello to the GERBER SPLICE, the Dimes little brother. Very small very compact, light and a perfect addition to a key chain, EDC, survival or…

My Walkabout possible’s pouch or Survival pouch.

a simple survival pouch I carry with me when going on a walkabout in the outdoors. This little pouch I attach to my walkabout back pack. It has a very basic set of survival items I feel can get me out of most situations that I could encounter on a fairly short (day) walk in the wilderness.

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