I’m a PACKRAT, always evolving..

For those novice survivalists out there, a word of warning. The disease known as “packrattingsyndrome” is fast becoming the leading cause of space removal. Common side effects are loss of free space, constant scrabbling in the lost spaces, loss of hard earned income. If you suffer from these maladies…..not to worry you are evolving into a true survivalist.

Ok so I was being “tongue in check” on that opening passage. But it is a common practice for the novice survivalist to evolve. As we learn, we improve, not only in knowledge but in the things we acquire for our needed survival preparedness from that acquired knowledge.

Everything we find needed for our survival has to be carried, Kept in order and maintained. The containers for carrying need to be convenient, in size, weight and comfort. If it lacks one it will eventually fail you. Too small it will not have enough, to big it will be to heavy for any prolonged need to carry. Comfort will limit your ability to use over a long period. No matter how good shape you are in. This is the dilemma we all face.

The most common item we deal with to perform our personal carry items are backpacks. And there are many kinds we look at.

My current walkabout day pack

The “BOB” (bug out bag), the daypack, the camping pack, the major longer term pack for survival should a need arise.


When looking to get a pack, For what ever reason. We need to make sure it meets certain criteria. This is a personal decision for all of us. What we feel we need for the pack to meet basic requirements for its intended use. Size ,weight and comfort being the main concerns. Other things like deign,construction and added features should be considered.


My Camping pack

Because of this we as novices are constantly evolving. We learn more and with that comes the need for more needs. We have to then update our equipment to meet those needs. For me, I am learning to survive a personal disaster. This would be when outdoors solo. I need to know I can get home safely. My “disease” is daypacks or over nighter’s. I am constantly adding subtracting and modifying my needs for this. This in turn changes my needs for carrying said changes and so I evolve. Hopefully for the better. For others it maybe BOB bags, get home bags or major survival bags for your disaster preparedness.

One of my camping packs. Alice Medium pack


As I said for me its a passion to find the perfect daypack or overnighter (a 72 hour personal disaster pack). Recently I added a pack, yes, I know, added not updated. although it could be used as a 72hr survival pack I got it for my favorite hobby I pursue in spring, summer and fall.

first attempt at fly-fishing daypack


Besides camping I am a maniac, borderline fly-fishing junkie. Self taught I love to be on the water fly-fishing. Why I cannot explain. It is something I love to do. Peaceful, relaxing and outdoors. That’s it. So although I have a daypack. A budget one that has turned into one of the best buys I have made. Even if it was originally for another use, it has become my go to daypack. The OUTDOOR PRODUCTS QUEST daypack. It lacked one feature. the ability to meet my fly-fishing needs.

For awhile I have kept an eye out for a pack that will work. Finally, I believe I have found it. The L.L. BEAN MAINE WARDEN DAYPACK.

L.L. Bean Maine Warden Daypack

However time will tell. I will put it to the test this summer. Right now it looks the bomb.

Although I have got a bit off track here I wanted to make a point. We are all packrats by heart. Having the right equipment, means constantly evolving . Because of this I consider myself a PACKRAT, always evolving.

My stash of packs grows, my space decreases….I am a NOVICE SURVIVALIST.

My stash can be found reviewed on my YouTube channel under my play lists. stop by and see how I have evolved.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. Because of it, we evolve….


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  1. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!


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