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Emergency Bivy for your vehicle

Living in Minnesota winters is challeging enough. Being caught out there on the road in an emergency…this could save you from an uncomfotable ending. You may just want to consider having one in the glove box……..just in case. Check it out The Novice Survivalist

Multi tools on a budget

Would you use a budget multi tool as part of your EDC. Would you trust them to do the job when the chips are down. I looked at three (Very quickly, mind you) that would suit any reasonable budget. Would you use them. We…

I’m a PACKRAT, always evolving..

For those novice survivalists out there, a word of warning. The disease known as “packrattingsyndrome” is fast becoming the leading cause of space removal. Common side effects are loss of free space, constant scrabbling in the lost spaces, loss of hard earned income. If…

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