Planning your Outdoor Experience Part III- A FUN SAFE EXPERIENCE

The last in this short series, lets talk about actually enjoying a safe and fun experience. In the last 2 parts we discussed the actual planning and how to prepare for a great experience outdoors.

Whether family, group or solo camping I wanted to stress the need to plan. I love the outdoors and take every opportunity to do so. Mostly solo with a couple family and friend’s camp trips thrown in. There is nothing better than a well prepared jaunt into the great outdoors. Planning is part of that experience. Its a good practice and being prepared is always a good thing.

A basic emergency kit, part of being prepared

No matter what it is you are planning. People who enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis are very well aware of the pit falls of trudging around the wilderness without out a plan. We have all been there , Some of us learnt, some of us not so much!

Before we get into some outdoor activities, When out enjoying the open spaces, I need to stress a point. If you are familiar with my often irregular scheduled blog, I am a very big advocate of safety and survival in the outdoors. No, I am not a doomsday perp. I am just a wanderer in the woods, often alone and need to be secure in myself, So that if I was to get into a situation that calls for personal survival, I am prepared as possible to get back home to family and friends safely. In order to do this I plan ahead, that plan includes the preparing for a UNPLANNED SITUATION!

I know right about now group and family style campers are wondering about this. How does this apply to your way of camping. Not every unplanned happenstance is a survival situation.


Often a simple very basic first aid kit is all that is called for. Surprisingly many campers do not have one. For the solo or more basic bushcraft types a little more is needed if not a requirement. Just about Any solo camper has some sort of what I call a things bag. Often called a Possible’s pouch, why , truth be told, I have no idea. I always called it a things bag. A bag that has the things I may need in a unplanned situation. Basically a small compact emergency bag. Designed to help me thru about 72 hours. Typically enough time for search and rescue or for me to self rescue.

For group campers you should at least have a communal bag with necessaries, First aid, food, clothes, fire makes and cover. Its always a good Idea that each person has a small bag of goodies. Warm clothes, light, knife, fire starter, small tarp etc. That way each person can help themselves if separated from the group. Also as a group everyone has the basics. Obviously there is more to than what I have just described. My intention is to get you to a least think about this. Many campers do not.

As a avid outdoor person, I spend as much time out as I can. I even take my Girls along and we camp at least once a year together. Not your regular Family camping but keeping to basic. I always take time to share a survival skill or practice some very basic bush craft with them. Its always a fun time and we have some laughs together. basic-fire-picSomething to consider when group camping, is as a group try some basic bush craft skills. Its a fun group time. Just be sure to be safe when handling knives and saws etc.

Of course if you planned well, there will be lots to do, hikes, or local interest trips you can do.

So there you go. Take time to plan your trip. These are obviously just some things to consider. Make list. Yes I know, I’m a list guy. Try it they help your planing.

Remember knowledge is a survival Skill.

Planing right is one of them.

The Novice Survivalist

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