Planning your outdoor experience

Continuing where I left off of the original idea behind this website . That being, to be prepared when I wander off into the great wilderness. Most times on my own. In some of the very first posts, I covered Bugging out and things to consider when preparing a Disaster preparedness plan. I covered the survival needs and planning where and when to meet. What to have at your sites and other such things. This post and a short series of posts to follow will cover a different aspect of the outdoors.

Planning and being prepared for a short or long trip into the wilderness. Whether family or solo this series will cover many aspects. Including planning a trip, gear needed and safety ideas you should always account for.

What gear is appropriate

The series will cover family camping, solo camping and the types of camping such as Walk-in ( Hiking trips), day trips, overnight or extended trips, Car and kayak/canoe camping. They will cover certain aspects as we go, each post covering a specific topic such as Planning a trip, What you should need for that trip and examples of what I use. I will share my experiences and the equipment I personally use. Including reviews of that equipment I have done.

So with no more ado, here with the first post in the series


When you decide to go camping, hiking in the outdoors, you should be making preparations for the trip. The obvious item you need to deal with is where and what you are planning on doing.

Typically its going to be camping, If its solo then plan accordingly, if its as a group or family and friends outing then make a plan together as a group. Going ahead you need to decide where you will be going. Obvious right?

Well there should be more to it then lets go here and camp.!. Things to be done before you decide on a camp trip are :

  1. What you want to do. Car camp, tent or hammock camp.
  2. For how long. Overnighter, week end or longer.
  3. Where you want to go and why.

Once you have decided on the type of camping, Car, tent or hammock. you need to check the location you want to go. Once you have that. you need to look into that location. If its a State camp site, Federal or Private. Each has its own regulations. You need to be aware of any restrictions and regulations.

For example Fires . Are they allowed, can you bring your own wood, do you need to have the fire in a fire ring provided.

If no open fires what can you have to cook etc. These little things need to be checked as they can have a disastrous effect on a camp trip if you are not prepared.

Take time to check the location and surrounding areas. Many places have websites and general information on the site. Some will have what you can do and local attractions. Do a search of the site. Look for reviews good or bad. (Besure to take some of the bad as what they are. Expections that are unreal or did not meet the reviewer expectations.). If possible call and speak to a live person at the site. Have your concerns and questions ready.

When you are planning your trip you will have decided on


Things to remember, If you are hammock camping, do you need to have tree straps or can you use cordage, Can you hammock camp. some campsites do not allow Hammocks as they are concerned about damaging trees., Car camping, do you require hook up. Water and electricity. Showers available, Bathrooms. Just some considerations.


Ok now you have a place to go and how long you’ll be there. Now you set dates to suit all. Closer to the dates you will need to check weather conditions so you will be prepared for any unforeseen weather.



WHAT YOU WANT TO DO THERE , Do you want to just relax and spend time with friends and family, go day to day, is it to go fishing a stream, tubing a stream, boating, kayaking or Hiking.

Make sure you know what you want from the outing. This will help in deciding where you want to go and does it suit your goals for the trip.

Not sure where to look. Here are some links to sites I have used in the past. Remember my idea of camping is different to yours. But adapt to your needs. I am in Minnesota so I search accordingly. Local state websites are my first choice. Simply because the information they provide is plentiful.

Click on the picture to visit the site

Private camp sites
Minnesota DNR
US Forestry Service (National Forests)
All Trails
Hiking Trails (US)

So now you have an idea of what you want to achieve on your outdoor excusion.

Click to see my hip camp trip

You have a destination picked out, what you would like to do when out there and how long you’ll spend there.

NOW WHAT, Well now you need to prepare to pack all you will need for your planned trip.

But that’s another story

Stay tuned for the next installment. Planning what you should ( must) have for any outdoor trip

Until then

Be safe, be prepared

Remember Knowledge is a survival Skill

The Novice Survivalist


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