First Time Hot Tent Camp

A few weeks ago and friend of mine Leigh asked if I would like to go out and hot tent overnight in the snow. well you know me , I jumped at it. And so our little adventure began

The first thing i learnt was just getting my back and trudging off in the snow was out of the question. just the tent along would be some noone wants on their back. Fortunately Leigh is a long time hot tent guy. He had all the necessaries we would need for a quick trudge to the site we had decided on. This included the tent, stove and everything needed to have a great time.

So we did. setting up and prepping for the night, we trudged in the snow and ate well. We were even warm all night. What a great time was had. Looking forward to doing this again.

Click on the video below to see our adventure

As always be safe out there


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