Category: 10C’s of Survivability list

#3 COVER. From the 10C’S list

Often overlooked for its importance. #3 on the list is a must have to keep you oit of the element’s in a unplaned situation

Cutting Tools, #1 on the10 C’s List

Being #1 means you are required on the 10 C’s list. With good reason. Finding yourself in a situation where you will be required to survive in the elements, no matter which, means no cutter and you are almost certainly lost. The importance of…

Watch “CORDAGE – #5 on the 10 C’s LIST – Bank line, its new to me.” on YouTube

I was going through some of my goodies for camping and was adding a “find me tag” to a couple of my cutting tools and got thinking about the 10 C’s of Survivability list….AGAIN. I was thinking about the 550 I use for the…

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