Dirt Time 4 – Container

COINTAINER, “A container is a basic tool, consisting of any device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials. In comm…

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Dirt Time 4 – Container


“A container is a basic tool, consisting of any device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials. In commerce, it includes “any receptacle or enclosure for holding a product used in packaging and shipping.” Things kept inside of a container are protected by being inside of its structure.”
( From Wikipedia).
Well that “kinda” sums it up….
Containers, Number 4 on the 10 C’s of survival list. There are a wide choice for containers, from water bottles, cups, plastic bags and cooking pots to consider. I think of containers in my scenario as anything I can carry water, tinder, food or anything else to help me complete my task of getting to safety. Remember that water is not there only reason to have a container. They can be used to carry
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Shelter
  5. Tinder
  6. Wood
  7. Any Miscellaneous items you may find on the journey home, That will help you.
With that in mind, I thought I would share my views and what I carry with me. These items are based on research and personal preferences. Hopefully from this you can make choices or add ideas to your stash of Containers.

A picture is worth a thousand words , or so they say. Here is the containers I would have at my disposal from my current Emergency/survival bag. In the picture there are actually 6+ containers. In the Bag is a water purifier system with a spare bag.

My Emergency Satchel
  1. The actual emergency satchel
  2. the Nesting cup
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Red bag holding the water bottle and nesting cup
  5. Plastic shopping bag (actually have about 4 stuffed in to the bag)
  6. Zip-lock plastic bag
  7. Water purifier and extra water bag


THE SATCHEL. Has my basic emergency items in it from the 10 C’s list. Plus extra’s. I will not get into that list just yet.(for a later discussion). I have plans for a new bag that will be my go to bag for all occasions. As I said more on that later.

NESTING CUP. This cup is a stainless steel cup I got from REI. Its a GSI product that I matched up with the Water Bottle to make up the nesting kit.

Nesting cup and bottle out side of the red carry bag

The cup would not make a good storage item for water or anything really. The main use would be to drink the water from. The water would most certainly be boiled and filtered. It would also be the cooking pot. Basically a multi-use item from the 10 C’s list.


WATER BOTTLE. This is a Kleen Kanteen, I also purchased from REI. Stainless steel, 40 fl.oz bottle, with wide mouth and a looped plastic cap. It would be used to carry and boil water.

RED BAG. This is part of my put together nesting cup kit. It holds the water bottle and cup in one place and is attached to the out side of the Satchel. Its not a liquid container at all. I would use this bag to store any small tinder I find or make.

Plastic bags and red nesting cup carry bag.

I can stuff dry leaves, small sticks or anything else I find that will help.

PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG. Used for carrying items to big to store into the red bag. Bigger sticks for the fire. Clothing etc.

ZIP-LOCK BAG. This can be used to carry small items. Or even used to protect small items from getting wet. In a pinch it can be used to store water. Not perfect but it can.

WATER PURIFICATION KIT. This kit I found at REI as well.Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle (0.6L) .20170120_201657Its the small Plastic bottle and has a Purification filter in it, good for removing debris and contaminants. However not for virus removal. Hence, Boiling all water before filtering is the best use of this. A practice you should employ on any water you use in the outdoors. I also found an addition to this system which is a Hydra Pack 3L bottle. 20170120_201733The filtered cap fits this, however I would use it to carry the already filtered and boiled water.

There you have it. My containers I carry in my emergency kit. Hopefully it gives you the reader some ideas to add to your stash.

Having the ability to carry any water out is a huge plus. Never knowing, as you move on to your safe location, if there will be water ahead. being able to take it with you will certainly boost your morale. The container, a big C to have.

Next up, Cordage. Till then stay safe and be prepared.

The novice survivalist


Dirt Time 3 – Cover (Shelter)

Cover !. One of the harder of the 10″cs to master for me. The choices are enormous. There are many tents, canopies and Natural shelters. My concern is weight and easy of use.Obviously you nee…

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Please stop by and look at the latest updates to my resource page on the novice survivalist. Links to reference material from my Youtube channel and other survival channels with excellent how and tips on surviving an emergency scenario.

Interested in learning about basic survival, check out my personal blog on learning the tricks of the trade

Click on the links below for reference material to the title banner LINKS TO WEBSITES and U TUBE CHANNELS WITH SURVIVAL MATERIAL: SURVIVAL ON PURPOSE:  Great reviews on toolS and very good camping …

Source: Resourses

Dirt Time 3 – Cover (Shelter)

COVER !. One of the harder of the 10″c’s to master for me. The choices are enormous. There are many, tents, canopies, tarps and natural cover.My concern is weight and ease of use. Obviously you need to be able to fit the shelter into your emergency pack. Weight and size being the big factors here.

Having looked at my favorite “go to” search engine. (youtube), In all seriousness, I was a google search fanatic. Yes I know they own youtube, but my point is, I have come to use youtube as my goto search. I am a visual, touchy, feely kinda searcher. I need to see whats what. A written description is not enough. Having all these visual how, what, where videos at my finger tips makes me Giddy. Ok I digress.

COVER #3 on the 10 ‘Cs of survival list.

It seems that all the Guru’s agree. A simple tarp in your emergency kit is more than enough.20170121_180740 obviously you will need cordage (another C in the list). There are many videos

A simple set up I use when I need some extra shade or cover for my Kitchen or equipment.

on you tube about different setups for a tarp. Believe me they are very inventive. From a drape over your shoulders to a open C method.

All you need is two trees and you are set. Ok even one tree, Ok even no trees, just a stick will do. That’s how versatile the tarp is. No wonder its the go to for the Guru’s.

Pinterest is another hidden treasure trove of ideas. Just ask them. Stop it. I am all over them as well. I have hundreds, nay thousands of pins. About 80 of which are about Traps and shelters. There are links in the reference page of my website to pins I have. Please use to your hearts content.

In my stash I have at my disposal, 3 Tarps (Walmart), a 2 man tent (Ozark Trail, Walmart) and a Yukon shelter (A special tarp).

Ozark Tent

I also have about 50 feet of 550 cordage.

Yukon Shelter (My hammock is under it)

Although the tent and Shelter come with  their own cordage and spikes. Spikes (for tying down the tarps etc.) can be made from thumb thick sized sticks sharpened and hammered into the ground.


Natures tent spike.
Natures tent spike



There are many items you may have in your emergency pack that will convert into a shelter. I have a Frog Togg  Poncho.

Frogg Toggs Poncho

Although it is used to keep me dry in the rain. it can be converted into a small basic shelter from the sun or wind.


See the how to video below, from my visual aids videos on my Novice Survival youtube channel. (For more videos please see my reference page).


The type of shelter and it’s subsequent configuration is determined by the situation you find yourself in. Climate, type of cover needed, rain (dry),cold (warmth), heat (shade). 

Should you be in a situation where you do not have something on your person to provide the shelter you need. You will have to adapt and overcome your immediate situation. Shelter from the elements is of first importance. It gives you shelter and time to assess your current needs and develop a plan to survive. The use of a tree or small Shrub can offer shade, some shelter from rain or snow. A large rock, outcrop ravine or ditch. Even for a short period can be enough for you to gather your wits and access a plan to survive. Any shelter from the elements is better than none.

Shelter, I believe should be the number one task you need, in order to survive. Whether a long term or just a reprieve from the elements, for you to access your situation and begin to plan your return to safety. It will help you to settle down your mind, over come any  panic or distress you may have. A sound mind is indeed of paramount importance in a desperate survival situation.

Be sure to have a least 2 methods to allow a shelter in your survival/emergency bag. In a good survival bag you should allow for the space of a shelter. It will most likely be the biggest item you will carry.Along with the other tools you will need to construct the shelter. (Cutting tool and cordage).

Check out my Dirt time 3 Cover on my You tube channel

Next up Containers.

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The Novice Survivalist | A novice learning wilderness survival skills. ” KNOWLEDGE” IS A SURVIVAL SKILL

A novice learning wilderness survival skills. ” KNOWLEDGE” IS A SURVIVAL SKILL

Finally the right theme for my site. Please check it out and I would welcome some advise and ideas from all survivalists, Bloggers or just interested readers

Source: The Novice Survivalist | A novice learning wilderness survival skills. ” KNOWLEDGE” IS A SURVIVAL SKILL

Dirt Time 2 – Combustion

Continuing on my trek of self learning and awareness on how to survive a unplanned happenstance.20161231_190006 I am continually updating my abilities for a survival scenario by following the 10 C’s of survival. In my previous post I covered my stash of cutting tools.

Next up Combustion, The ability to start a fire. Number 2 on the list of 10 C’s.

There are many ways to start a fire. Some better suited to specific scenario’s. The weather will factor in, as well as your geographic location. Be it desert, snow covered mountains, Forest or a field in the Mid West. Having several different ways and the tools to start a fire is important. Once again I defer to the experts. There are long lists, videos and blogs on fire starting. From this I developed my personal “Fire starter Stash”.20161028_174644 From the obvious to the not so. I have in my emergency kit a number of Fire starting tools. If you look at my videos on my U tube channel, They can be found under my play lists in SURVIVAL. My emergency packs have changed over time. I find myself updating them on a regular basis. I recheck them before any camp trip and typically add or subtract as I go.


Here is what I typically carry.

1.Lighter (bic.) x220170107_131007

2.Regular kitchen matches. (2 boxes)20170107_130907

3.Ferrocerium flint rod (x2)



This is my stash. It is by no means the only ways to start fires. for me it seemed obvious to have a couple lights and a couple boxes of matches. However they get wet, stop working for some reason or another and the Survival mantra of ” 2 is 1, 1 is none” is on my mind all the time. The Flint rod (ferrocerium) is the most basic I have. If I cannot start a fire with these, I probably am in a no win situation anyway. I cannot foresee me deliberately going camping or travelling in an area where these 3 types of starters will not work. If ever I do find myself planning a trip where these are not enough, you can be guaranteed I’ll be researching what will be.

Having a fire starting tool is not enough. you will need the materials needed to combust. Tinder comes in all forms and can be found in most locations, from nature. ( dry bark, grass and very small wood cuttings).

There are man made materials that will work just as well.Cotton Balls and Petroleum Jelly make excellent tinder. Extremely flammable they burn bright for a long enough time to allow you to add bigger tinder and so build your fire. Yes that bottle of Vaseline you so liberally smear over the family is extremely combustible.

Vaseline Jelly and great cotton balls of fire . Watch the video

Click here to watch my video on 2 kinds of fire starters, cotton balls and Petroleum Jelly and the Ferrocerium flint rod. I spent some dirt time with my Daughter practicing the flint. Rachael even got in on the act.

Natural tinder such as dry grass formed into a”birds nest” work well. Wood scrapings and of cause “fat wood”, very popular with the experts.

All these fire starters and combustibles will fit nicely into you emergency bag. Don’t forget just having the tools is not enough. you have to be familiar with them and their use.. get out there and bet the Barbecue going.

Thank you for following my journey through the survival maze.

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Up next on the 10 C’s List. #3 cover (Shelter). That’s going to interesting





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