Watch “Kilimanjaro ASCEND Mini Multi-tool TSA COMPLIANT – Perfect for the prepared traveler” on YouTube

Having spent the last couple weeks looking into Multi tools. I searched for Mini multi- tools. Looking to enhanced my possibles or “things bag,” as I like to call it. Seemed a good way to update.While searching I came across something I never really considered. TSA compliant multi-tools for the prepared traveler. I always thought “Nope knew that was a no! no!”.

Well, To my surprise there it was a TSA compliant mini Multi-tool. IMG_20190814_113708_004 One among many…

Who would have thunk….!!.

Anyhoo. Went ahead and got one, Just because it peaked my curiosity. There are a number of them around. Big and small Brands. And none to cheap. This one is from Kilimanjaro, and is called the Ascend. I am, as most people familiar with the “Big brand” names in my areas of interest. For the most part they provide excellent merchandise. Which of course accounts for their “Big Name Brand”. Honestly I can say I have never been disappointed when purchasing their products. But I find I am becoming a budget buyer of late. Why well 2 reasons ,

1.My income is not what it used to be and hence

2. My budget followed suit.

So with that in mind, I shopped price. After all,  I had the “What am I looking for ” taken care of. It needed to be TSA (Transportation Security Administration) compliant.  That’s all I wanted. First off, I looked into TSA compliance. That was interesting. 20190814_143327.jpgThings have changed already since the good old days of handing over just about anything you normally carried on your person to the security officer. Lighters, scissors, knifes, knitting needles, shoes, keys and your first born……. Ok not your first born,  but pretty much everything else..

I chose the Ascend because it was within my new ( lower) budget, Seemed like a good tool and had something a lot of the others didn’t.

Check it out.

My VERY quick review. Covering the main points and why it meets TSA Compliance. Be warned its quick and too the point, less than 4 minutes of your valuable time. And you will come away knowing what is considered “TSA Compliant’ for a Mini Multi-tool.

This one is from Kilimanjaro, and is called the Ascend.20190817_213252-e1566441881698.jpg

Remember KNOWLEDGE IS A SURVIVAL SKILL. Clicking the link below might just increase that knowledge. The good thing is it wont cost a dime to add to your current stellar knowledge base.


Stay safe and a little bit more prepared when travelling.

The Novice Survivalist.



My VERY quick review. Covering the main points and why it meets TSA Compliance.


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