EDCC – Every Day Car Carry

Yes its true I made this up. Its my version of a EDC bag.(Every Day Carry). In my professional life, My work takes me all over the area I live in. I spend an average of about 5-6 hours  driving. I then service clients in their locations. It would be inappropriate to have a EDC on me when in their locations. So I have a EDCC. It is in my pickup all the time.

Its basically a Army surplus pouch for attaching to bigger packs with molly straps. I found it one day while window shopping a surplus store. It is just large enough for me to have the items I need for a EDCC. And is small enough to fit on my belt. This pouch is part of my 3 Emergency kits I have.

Home Emergency bag

I refer to them as Emergency packs while most survivalists prefer things like, Survival kits EDC, Bug out bag. etc. For me these are for emergencies while Kayak camping, fishing days, outdoor walk about and every day use. The biggest is for home emergency should I need to evacuate my home (See my dirt time video on my reference page, under Home Emergency kit 2017). My Emergency Day pack (see resource page under Emergency Day pack 2017)is a smaller Satchel type Kit. They are there for emergencies. None are really for long term survival. Although they may have the essentials for that scenario. (See 10 C’s of survival blog.)

Side note, Army surplus stores are a candy store for the survivalist. Not only do they have just about everything you would want as a novice survivalist, they typically can beat any price out there. Most of the equipment they carry are as the name says, Army surplus. That means most of the products have been manufactured to Military standards. Very sturdy and well made. 

Back to my EDCC. In this pouch are the following items. I feel they will get me through any overnight emergency situation.
1. Survival knife with small fire starter rod (Ferrocerium flint rod ).the sheath can go on my belt.
2.Large fire starter. (another Ferrocerium flint rod)
3. Misc. 550 cord. In all about 5 feet.
4. Basic compass/ whistle/ temperature gauge
5.Small multi-tool
6. Flash light/ lantern
7.Spare AAA batteries
8. Cotton balls (2)
9.Misc. band aids
10. Pencil
11. Carabineer


EDCC. (CC is for size reference)


EDCC. (what’s inside)



Although I am mostly in Urban areas, these packs are mostly suited for wilderness emergencies,  I do have tools available to me in my Pick up. They will certainly enhance this pouch. I have an extra set of clothes and toilet bag in my pickup, as some times I may need to stay over night when working. It includes a shirt, long pants, under wear, socks and a light jacket. I pack my food for work and tend to over pack. So always have extra. I always have my faithful folding Buck knife in my pocket. 24/7 companion.

Some thing to consider in your every day work week.

Just saying,

Novice Survivalist.

“Knowledge is a survival skill.”

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