Finding the perfect Pack for your survival skills and tools

Lately have been doing some work on my Emergency/Survival packs. Not the contents although I have been covering that, more the actual pack, bag or pouch to carry your survival gear. It’s not really something I have covered in previous Blogs or even the website. So here we go.

I have over time gathered a number of Packs, Bags and Satchels. As I learn or add equipment and information I find myself changing what I use to carry my Emergency/survival equipment. Some started small and got bigger, some shrunk. It depends on what I learned or read about, and from actual use of the carry all. I do know I am spending too much money, looking for that perfect carrier.

I suspect there is no such thing as the perfect, off the shelf carry bag for every person out there. The pros I follow, seem to all have modified the bags to meet their needs.

I look for 3 types of bags for my use.

  1. EDCC (see Blog)
  2. Day pack (See video on my you tube channel)
  3. Home/Go bag (coming soon to you)

Right now I think I am the owner of between 7-8 bags, packs, or Satchels. Averaging 2 per use type from the list above. Spending between $20.00 to $55.00 per. the main reasons I have changed have not been too small or too big, but was lacking in something in my personal requirement for that carrier.

2 pack bargain for great CANVAS Satchels

A perfect example is I bought 2 Satchels, as a combo purchase and were the exact thing I was looking for. I actually used them a number of times. They were perfect, right up until it rained on one and I fell into water with the other. They were made of Canvas. Good sturdy canvas. That sucked up water like there was no tomorrow and still 100 miles of desert to go. In doing so, all the “stuff” I had inside got wet. I could not find a satisfactory, guaranteed method to waterproof them. so they have been relegated to back ups. And of course replaced for a small fee. Yes the replacement is water proof. Basically the same size as my larger Canvas Satchel.

Current EDCC

The smallest satchel has been replaced by a smaller EDCC, I covered in a previous blog. (My EDCC)


I think that when you are looking for your current kit bag, whether for EDC, day pack, equipment carry all, bug out Bag. or for putting certain items together for quick grab and go, or Storage. you will have to put down what you are looking for , What’s going into it, Size, weight, etc. Be forewarned. It may take 2-3 attempts before you get exactly or almost the perfect kit bag you wanted.

If you purchase from an online store, look for returns accepted from the seller. When you get the product, Take the time, as soon as possible, to make sure it works for your needs. If not, send it back. Obviously undamaged. Although I feel I’m pretty much satisfied with my current bags, I have that nasty itchy scratchy feeling, I’ll need to change them.

Personally I believe it’s a growing pain we will have to endure. As we learn new tasks and skills our tools of the trade will change. It’s a ripple effect. Something changes and the bag it will be in, has to change. Oh no!

Good luck and plan ahead, shop smart.

The novice Survivalist.

“Knowledge is a survival Skill.”(And can be expensive)


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