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Planning your outdoor experience, Part II. Camp essentials.

The outdoors excursion.

Read up , Make lists, Get things, Go camp. You wont regret it.


Watch “3 FISHING KNOTS – The QUICKIES you should know well when out on the water” on YouTube

It’s done! My first big stick for hiking

Finally finished my first attempt at a hiking staff. I wanted one from nature. Keeping it simple, and as natural as possible. This turned out to be a great little project. If you are looking for a simple rewarding activity. Go find a big…

Reference Page, tips and tricks

Hey Campers, I have been remiss in my blogging. Apologies to all. Life, work and other commitments tend to get in the way. However things are now getting to normal, well almost. This update is about my reference page. For those of you who…

Just did a overnight hammock camp

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, camping, bush crafting or what ever reason takes your fancy. You will appreciate how a simple, quick overnight camp can settle your spirits. I try, when ever I go in to the outdoors to do a…

Dirt Time 5 – Cordage

Cordage. “Cord (string), string or thin rope made of multiple strands twisted together.” From Wikipedia. It an Ok description for the survivalist. Multiple strands is the important part… Source: Dirt Time 5 – Cordage

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