The Ultimate Goal.

Hello Campers and outdoors enthusiasts. I have just got back home from a winter time walkabout. And while I sit here contemplating my life and life goals and the walkabout. I had a thought , yes, yes me thinking is dangerous. But  I got to thinking about goals, We always talk or contemplate life goals. I am sure we all have these thoughts some time in life. But I took it a step further, or is it closer? Well you decide on that small point. Here is where my today’s contemplation took me.

We may not realize it but, when we think of doing something, whether going to the store, visiting or walkabout. What ever it maybe, we always end with “then head home.” And isn’t that the Ultimate goal for what ever we plan. 20180302_132140We go (insert where, why, when.) and then return. At my work place, we have a very forward thinking Safety department. Their slogan, ” Our goal is to get everyone back home safely”. Is that not all our goals for everything we do.

Deciding to go somewhere is something we do everyday, we don’t deliberately think about the end goal, We assume. Its what we do. we always return home. Its in our nature.

On my winter stroll (trudge) today, I encountered something I did not plan on. It was not life threating, but was unexpected. Snow, its winter of course and this is Minnesota. Snow is expected to be on the ground. We had just had a good snow fall a couple days ago. (About 4-6 inches). I never gave that a thought, the sun had been out and temperatures up since the snow fall. I just wanted to get outside. Well I did not remember accumulation….a bit more than expected. I found myself trudging…literally trudging through the snow. At times as high as my knees.20180302_115824 It was funny at first, but then got irritating. I had an idea where I wanted to go, but the depth of snow caused me to have to take some deviations to get there. On arrival I found that I had no-where to sit and make my planned cup of coffee and a chat to my You Tube followers. I landed up sitting on a very precarious tree trunk sticking out of the snow. And the horror… No comfortable place to make coffee. (I had planned on using my favorite cooker the Bush box.). 20171213_125746 Last time out there had been lots of small sticks and kindling to use in the Bush box but today …..they were gone . Covered by the 16 inches of snow laying over everything. Opps, did not plan that bit. Lesson learned.

When I got home I considered the walk. It could have been worse, a lot worse.20180302_132413 I had not planned very well. Not good. Practice what you preach came to mind right away. To my embarrassment. But in the end it worked out.

The worst thing was my bottom got wet and a little cold from sitting on the log. Also forgot to pack my sit pad. Yes I forgot a lot this time out. Hopefully when I go out again, I will have learned from this. Yes, even us planners and worriers will forget the things we take for granted. Just as I said in my previous blog...” Murphy’s Law” it never rests, NEVER!!!!

But I am home safe and sound.

And is that not the Ultimate goal?.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill.

Plan and get home to your family, safe and sound. The ultimate goal, today anyway.

The Novice Survivalist


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